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Lucy - Beautiful People

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MOTE019 - Lucy - Beautiful People Release date: Oct 2010 A1 Beautiful People B1 Falling Empire B2 Happiness Is A Prison Released by: Mote-Evolver Release/catalogue number: MOTE019
Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (92)
cokpikes (5 months ago)
yes maybe i m a shaman... i aaaaaaaaam !
jerry75010 (1 year ago)
Picture Picture (1 year ago)
.75 speed
brian (2 years ago)
fuxkn heavy
Medi Tate (2 years ago)
So Deadmau5 is dropping Lucy tracks now... Cool.
Forekast (1 month ago)
He's been dropping this one since 2010. I heard him play it at Roseland Ballroom in 2010.
Peardrops Smith (2 years ago)
Soundcloud brought me here and this tune is absolutely fantastic eargasm at its best
Julien K (2 years ago)
à 4mn50 il envoie l'artillerie lourde :)
Paul Guthrie (3 years ago)
what do you say if your granny plays that, fuckn top tune 🎶 👍 gran get in 👌
Josephine P (3 years ago)
+Paul Guthrie hahaha
Stephen Thibault (3 years ago)
Deadmau5 played this at stereo after hours in Montreal. He made me realize I like techno
Medi Tate (2 years ago)
+Stephen Thibault You mean you were at Stereo without a prior interest in techno? :p
Giuseppe Zaminga (3 years ago)
Made in Palermo.
cokpikes (5 months ago)
i shit on it where its made at!! are you a fucking nationalist? we all live on this fucking planet
Fais pété Luluuuuu !!! 8D
Dennis Aspinwall (3 years ago)
at least 3.49 min,s too late 
Joe Julet (3 years ago)
Augustina (3 years ago)
+Joe Julet TECHNO all day all night
Hum4nDro1d (3 years ago)
+Joe Julet Darktechno
Joe Nye (3 years ago)
Wow, this changes everything.
Gregor Morgenstern (4 years ago)
hypnotizing doublelayer deck 4 mix --- jay dee tools... gooL.... ntl. (Y)
Gewooneenliefhebber (4 years ago)
So damn good!
ESTHER GUTIERREZ (4 years ago)
UnderGrounD80 (4 years ago)
like it
Mantas Matūzas (4 years ago)
i have no words to describe this
_destruct (4 years ago)
4:48 EXPLOSION!!!!!!!! :O
_destruct (3 years ago)
+iulian Progressive ^^
iani_3d (3 years ago)
+_destruct erection :D
Hunter Thompson (4 years ago)
“It was Dadub who kind of woke up a lot of my interest about how psychoacoustics work. They master my music, and they said to me, ‘It’s nice how you play with phases.’ And I said, ‘What do you mean? Do I?’ They said, ‘Yes, when you do this and that, this happens in your brain.’ This sort of thing just came spontaneously when I was producing music. You can hear this type of thing on ‘Beautiful People,’ a track I released on Mote-Evolver.”
Pllayer064 (8 months ago)
What exactly is he referring to as "this" that is happening to a brain?
MrTeddygear (4 years ago)
Mais... c'est nul.
Patrick Khwela (5 years ago)
Wow this tune is so deep yet so uplifting.... True techno banger for the main floor!!<3
FeCr3 (5 years ago)
21 have no plan about electronic music!
DjPinnacle808 (5 years ago)
in a way, this is a lot different to other techno because it abruptly switches up so radically at 4.48, when those abrasive, scatty hats come in. such a good a track!
Micah Danemayer (5 years ago)
less is more...all that atmospheric drift paning...antincipation echo)))
David Mander (5 years ago)
just idiots that listen 2 commercial shite!
dasfoo1 (5 years ago)
proper main room bizness.
Ele na (5 years ago)
Gettingmad (5 years ago)
is it just me or this song from 4:48 is like /watch?v=blANxHs52Zo?
Christopher R Bridwell (5 years ago)
Full function one System Zion transmission
Tamino R. (5 years ago)
Played in the last night of the fusion! Best moment! the break kills.
Onze Mai (5 years ago)
Adam Travis (5 years ago)
funny when people mention deadmau5 and skrillex on these pages, they shouldnt even come close to thought whilst listenin to tracks like this, whole different world
Forekast (1 month ago)
deadmau5 used to produce techno and he's been dropping this track since it came out. Chill out with your elitist garbage.
Jssst Records (5 years ago)
Good one!!
bart30586 (5 years ago)
LOL much?
bart30586 (5 years ago)
Rudolf Radinger (5 years ago)
worldcomedyproducts (5 years ago)
sToRmZzDsG (5 years ago)
man how are these sonic percussions created? Sounds like lightning is striking you right in the face
lucio cellucci (5 years ago)
onlytechnoplease ehehehe :-)
- Gendo - (5 years ago)
Deadmau5 anyone ????
snorlaxx1337911 (5 years ago)
brutal ^^
scarsinizm (5 years ago)
theres not much to it but its hard and thats all I need its not techno its hard tech house!
Chris Carey (6 years ago)
korpo (6 years ago)
Markus SUCKUT - hunt ?!
Fish Clyde (6 years ago)
HOD THAT !!!! .... TUNE !!!!
Florian Kuhfuß (6 years ago)
this one was played in berghain last weekend, 4:48 pure madness
Antonio Pafumi (6 years ago)
so good! ;-) I'm waiting the Xhin's come back in london!!!
yolk17 (6 years ago)
sooo prime
bopekno (6 years ago)
Fabian Gołyński (6 years ago)
Kind Of Reaal TechnoO <3
Eduardo Diaz (6 years ago)
Harvey Spencer (6 years ago)
stampfkilla (6 years ago)
Einfach nur derbe `-`
1001plateaus (6 years ago)
the entire city becomes a mental dancefloor while listening to this on your headphones.unbelievable track
Tomek Josef (6 years ago)
verdammt oberst ))
Dijana Marinić (6 years ago)
This is the shit!
Z1992 (6 years ago)
MrGroovy (6 years ago)
MrBakterPL (6 years ago)
Honey raspberry
rapeofcreativity (6 years ago)
@mike87manchester from one good music loving mancunian to another...that's a completely acceptable reaction
xtabubar (7 years ago)
lOv this beat ^^' Jump to feel alive ^^'
Reinier Zonneveld (7 years ago)
hell yes
Keine Reue (7 years ago)
im dying for a remix ova [email protected]!!!!
HanzSygnal (7 years ago)
Kieran Goodary (7 years ago)
siwekbakubaku (7 years ago)
fest! mmmmmmasiv!
zeev michael zoberman (7 years ago)
heavy duty masiv track ful loaded sound
Lalo Hernandez (7 years ago)
hits song has the same beat but thats why its fucking amazing
Winadir (7 years ago)
Nice track here !!! @+ ;)
Angel P (7 years ago)
@zanni1992 of course,when he has his own way, walk in the other :)
Angel P (7 years ago)
@zanni1992 berlin sound,no hawtin sound....
puhatek (7 years ago)
so much depth..
Itsch Mini (7 years ago)
rtavazo (8 years ago)
4:43 4=trsgixfbnxbkln342l5'3p46ot'ef;bm
biglebene (8 years ago)
jipjajay alda....geile scheibe...hat irgentwie was apokalyptisches an sich
cabochard35 (8 years ago)
Micx1986 (8 years ago)
Awesome track!
Andres Luna (8 years ago)
Beautiful tracks ... IDEM.
Geizistgeil (8 years ago)
N1 :D
Astrid Snoeys (8 years ago)

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