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ANTI-HAUL! Products I Will NOT Be Purchasing!

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New videos every Tuesday & Friday! Rock on. -Yours Truly VLOG CHANNEL! YoungMamaVlogs http://www.youtube.com/c/YoungMamaVlogs ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­--------------------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­---- Last videos: FULL FACE OF PRODUCTS I NEVER USE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCee04iIbDo POST PARTUM UPDATE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdZMp2iB8P0 ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­--------------------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­---- Music: Kevin Macleod: Carefree ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­--------------------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­---- ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­--------------------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­---- Affiliate Links & Coupon Codes: Get 20% off Best Damn Beauty using coupon code "Sarahtherese": http://www.bestdamnbeauty.com/ Purchase my FAVE Essential Oils! www.mytoxicfreehome.com Makeup Geek Cosmetics: https://www.makeupgeek.com/?acc=cb8ac... ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­--------------------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­---- **For business Inquiries email me at:** [email protected] ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­--------------------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­---- Stalk me! ...no seriously do it.... Instagram: @sarahtheresev Twitter: SHeartsSparkle Snapchat: SarahThereseYT VOXER! Sarah Therese V .send me a message!. ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­--------------------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­---- Camera: Canon Rebel T3i Lens: Sigma 1.4 mm Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X Thumbnail Editing: Pic Monkey ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­--------------------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­---- FTC Disclaimer: All things in this video are my legit opinions. I was not sponsored for this video.
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Text Comments (247)
Ems Roche (11 days ago)
You really remind me of Jena Dewan. So pretty!
Eva Terry (4 months ago)
Love ze background
marie-josée ayotte (4 months ago)
hey for your'e fragile skin, try cosmetic from maison jacynthe, it's a 100% natural cosmetic with a big % of active benefic ingredient for nurishing the skin. The colour is very well pigmented and very natural look but you can easily do a dramatic look also. Go to : https://maisonjacynthe.ca/fr/boutique/maquillage, it's in french but seriously give it a try you will not regret it and it's a good idea for an other video ;) Some Hollywood célébrity's tried this maison Jacynthe makeup and loved it. So voilà ! Sorry for the fault i'm not billingual. bye! bye!
LordofFullmetal (8 months ago)
You say that you're "beyond" neutral, natural beginner's makeup, but then spend the rest of the video complaining that you don't use bright colours and prefer a natural look. Am I missing something? Also, I feel like you were too harsh on Trophy Wife given that it's not actually designed for YOUR skin. It's designed for people of colour.
Verisca Bezuidenhout (8 months ago)
Like your videos, but boughten??? Can't. Just can't.
faile486 (8 months ago)
SERIOUSLY?! $124 dollars? That's INSANE. No ty.
December Blue (8 months ago)
OMG finally someone who is not a full coverage junkie. literally everyone raves about full coverage foundation like QUUEEEEEN YAAASS GET IT but honestly and average everyday woman would not have that much time to perfect that foundation and needs something that could get just even out her skin (me). I am totally your style. quick, comfy and natural
Radish (9 months ago)
Trophy Wife isn't made for white girls like us. Of course it wouldn't look good on you. Everyone has a right to glowy skin. "It's not often at all that i have negative videos." You sure about that, honey?
Susan Figer (10 months ago)
KImberly Clark is the queen of antihauls XD
zina azarova (10 months ago)
You pronounce vaseline funny
Lainey Nicole (10 months ago)
What mascara are you wearing
Privat Hedda (10 months ago)
That intro! So many youtubers has it! Where is it from?! btw luv u
Roya Lorge (11 months ago)
This is only the second of your videos that I’ve watched, but I’ve subscribed. It’s so refreshing to see a YouTuber who doesn’t feel the need to curse every couple of words! Love your channel!
Ana Helene (1 year ago)
this background is so cute I love it
megan mccready (1 year ago)
No offense but you could have done 2 minutes of research to figure out who you should be giving credit too for the anti haul
Wendy Bethard (1 year ago)
I think you need a decorative mirror... Something round maybe? Or maybe a simple art piece.
noelle ELSBREE (1 year ago)
Your good.
Michelle Thewissen (1 year ago)
New subscriber here! Love the background as well and love your videos! So sick of all the main stream youtubers 😌❤️
Annissa Diaz (1 year ago)
I loveeeeeeeee trophy wife! It works beautifully as an eyeshadow too. :) I understand because of your skin tone. I was disappointed by some of the same products in here too.
shannon P (1 year ago)
I really enjoy that your canadian, I need to find more because I hate hearing American prices and see everything just really expensive here
Alex Tellez (1 year ago)
Drag queen Kimberly Clark came up with the Anti-Haul genre! She has a YouTube channel of the same name
QueenCloveroftheice (1 year ago)
Anti-hauls were created by Kimberly Clark.
ELiz Wolfe (1 year ago)
Love your channel so much!! Could you please list the products you mention in all your videos? I know you've got a lot on your plate with the babies and editing, life in general, but it would be so appreciated! Thank you for all your reviews and your vlogs! Praying for you all with the crazy ice storm!!
Brightfox's Den (1 year ago)
The Natasha Denona palette with the blue eyeshadow reminds me of the new release of the Wet n Wild palette called "Not Just Another Peach". (I think I have the name right). That, too, is a set of warm shadows with a pop of turquoise blue. At about $5 or $6 US, the price cannot be beat!
tristan (1 year ago)
Let's think about the fact that trophy wife is intended for deeper skin tones. The yellow gold looks stunning on men and women with darker skin, and honestly no need to be confused or hateful about it because, there are 1001 different highlight shades of lighter skin tones like you and I.
Aylin (3 months ago)
tristan preach
Luciwho1 (1 year ago)
Kimberly Clark came up with it.  He has a series called "Listen Up", one on consumerism may interest you : )
J W (1 year ago)
Lol I thought I was the only one that didn't like Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife Highlight. It's just too yellow. Idk guess just not for my skin tone
Maya Mitchell_x (1 year ago)
What foundation does she use?
hollyscottmarie (1 year ago)
Kimberly Clark started anti-hauls! Definitely check her out!
Rusty Turks (1 year ago)
Kimberly Clark started this series.
Slash blue (1 year ago)
Kymberlyclark I might be misspelling it, but he actually started the antihaul series and he's big in anticonsumerism I love the Sephora favorites when they have products I know I love because I can carry them in my bag to travel w/o checking it in
Natin thedesert (1 year ago)
Kimberly Clark came up with it
Gabrielle Gerlach (1 year ago)
Hey I'm new and I'm loving you!!!! Just so you know Kimberly Clark was the one that came up with the anti haul and she is amazing!!!! Go check her out
MissCassyDawn (1 year ago)
Love your background. I’m new here!! And Kimberly Clark, a hilarious drag queen, originally came up with this idea! She has like 16 of these on her channel!
Belle Roy (1 year ago)
You mean bought
Shahd Al-Juwhari (1 year ago)
You're really pretty
Brooke Wood (1 year ago)
Sarah! I just found your mumma vlogs about a month ago and I absolutely love you and your family! You are such a great mumma and I hope you keep making videos 💜
Megan Pell (1 year ago)
I watched Tai's video where the eyeshadows Fell out and I was like omg
Zelda Johnson (1 year ago)
Love the background
Cady Bodenhamer (1 year ago)
I just found you on YouTube, & you’ve already taught me soooo many things. I subscribed last night & im binge watching😂😂 you’re awesome!
Ola Miąsko (1 year ago)
No hate but I think is pretty obvious that not every shade will suit everyone. Like trophy wife was designed for dark skin tones so It won't look really good on fair skin tones. And highlight designed for pale people like metal moon by Fenty won't look good on the dark people.
djkatybeauty (1 year ago)
Kimberly Clark is the source of idea for anti hauls, so you should definitely check her channel out. And the background is perfect!!!
Paola bear (1 year ago)
Happy! Canadian makeup blogger who gives Canadian prices. Thank you!
Ivy McNeil (1 year ago)
Your hair is gorgeous.
Renee W (1 year ago)
Love the new background!
Haley Wrob (1 year ago)
Love the new intro💕
Brittany Howell (1 year ago)
Hi Sarah. You mentioned that you're wearing a wet n wild highlighter in the video; what is it called and what color do you use? Thanks! Love your videos. My goal is to be able to do my eyeliner and eye shadow like you!
JustJanet (1 year ago)
Haha! I can buy bubblegum for .2? Haha! I love this.. please talk me out of buying something! I need it! Haha
Allie Bengochea (1 year ago)
This could very well be super annoying, but I am going to say it anyhow... You said "it doesn't do nothing for me" which is actually incorrect. Doesn't and nothing are both negative and therefore cancel eachother out. You can say "it doesn't do anything for me" or "it does nothing for me" to correct your statement. I hope you (or somebody reading this) actually learn from this so I am not being annoying for no reason! I am sorry to be that girl! BTW, your eyes are GORGEOUS, girl!! ❤👀👌
Liz (1 year ago)
Hello grammar police
Meghen Jones (1 year ago)
Allie Bengochea LOL it bugged me too!
Kay-Anna Goins (1 year ago)
I LOVE the set-up right now. It looks glamorous, clean and adds SO much to your aesthetic.
Me'Kayla Harper (1 year ago)
Yes please do them monthly. Loved the video!!!
Allynn Penn (1 year ago)
Twinkle lights around the mirror!
slothdad (1 year ago)
the background is great, the new intro is a bit much lol
Amy Thompson (1 year ago)
I hate getting shadow palettes and that have those 2-3 colors I would never wear. They stare back at me and I feel like I got ripped off. I want to be able to use the whole thing. Love the setup by the way. :)
Vanillaluck (1 year ago)
The James charles type intro I also just saw appear on two other beauty gurus videos is making me very worried about authenticity LOL , Like I still love your videos <3 but so many higher ups being swayed so I avoid them with humble smaller channels and it's just a shock.
Mercede Marie (1 year ago)
Vanillaluck But I agree with you about the authenticity about it. I wish they all had different intros because they're all people with different personality
Mercede Marie (1 year ago)
Vanillaluck I don't buy any thing with a YouTube's code. Ever. Doesn't matter who or what it is. I watch their videos for the information and opinions
Vanillaluck (1 year ago)
I know that, but if your seeing all these big beauty gurus suddenly trying to push a item on you and there code , would you buy ? The Intro gives the same sense of authenticity fraud in my opinion. I'm not blaming the artist also before anyone lops trys off my head...
Mercede Marie (1 year ago)
Vanillaluck They're all done by the same graphic designer. That why they're the same
Rebekah Davidson (1 year ago)
Hey Sarah! I was wondering if you might do a video on self-discipline and productivity? You are so good at balancing family, work, self, and keeping Jesus in the center. I know you’re not perfect, 😉 but I would totally be interested in any tips for self-discipline and productivity, or simply what you do. ☺️💕 Love the background! And love your videos and vlogs!!
Rebma (1 year ago)
Hye amazing video like always...:) i have a question? How old are you?😍🌹♡
RealGirlBeauty11 (1 year ago)
Which Wet n Wild highlighter are you wearing? You and your highlight are both stunning!
Mary Crowley (1 year ago)
I don't full coverage either. I just wear bb cream 💙
Nekomon (1 year ago)
Hi Sarah, you know when you were talking about the holiday season? I think I have an idea on how you can still use the limited edition makeup and still make us happy. Maybe when you use those in a video, you can have some dupes ready so that you can use the limited edition products and letting us know about similar products/colours etc and make everyone happy :)
Chelsea Sunshine (1 year ago)
Loving the backround and your new intro! 💜
Heidi (1 year ago)
Why do you care and complain that much about her background? I think that youtubers themselves are the thing that you should pay attention to while watching a video, not backgrounds..
Renata Kiss (1 year ago)
Totally agree with your foundation philosophy! Also your intro reminds me of James Charles' intro haha
Nikki Harky (1 year ago)
Oh that new intro! Luvs it gurl!
Cameron Guinn (1 year ago)
I like the intro but it gives me major James Charles vibes and Idk I think something more original would suit you more
Mackenzie C. (1 year ago)
This is my favorite background so far❤️
Amanda Sadler (1 year ago)
You are just...so refreshing to watch ily and I think the background is really nice! ✨
менма (1 year ago)
that intro..nooo
Gwendolyn Toomer (1 year ago)
. I Like This Backround Better
Meamfi (1 year ago)
I love the background, but to be honest the blurring makes my eyes tired even if i am just looking at you 🤔
Sarah banditø (1 year ago)
That's crazy! Gabbie Hanna's new intro is exactly like yours! But you had it first ;)
Jordan Rish (1 year ago)
You should do hairstyle tutorials!
karenthinksbeauty (1 year ago)
The only really distracting thing in your background is that we can see the light stand in the mirror!
Making Mama (1 year ago)
I always love that pink and grey sweater. What a great combo!
Sarah Kane (1 year ago)
YESSS Sarah, I feel the same way about the Too Faced sets! I bought a palette last year at TJ Maxx and thought I would LOVE it, but to my dismay it was almost all glitter, it went EVERYWHERE, and the matte shades were... well... they didn't stick to my skin?!?! It was like spreading oily baby powder on my eyelids! No thankkkkksssss
Hannah H (1 year ago)
Your background is PERFECT
Brianna David (1 year ago)
Does anyone know where can I find fairy lights ? :)
Lisa Ayala (1 year ago)
your intro is so cute you look amazing animated :D
Levke Katharina (1 year ago)
I really like the background, but the black frame of the mirror is a bit... harsh, I think. And I love the idea of an intro, but this one seems a little too girly, it just isn‘t you. Maybe something like the intro on your vlog-channel would be better, it‘s clean and modern and it just fits :-) anyways, you‘re a wonderul person and I love watching your videos, eventhough I never were makeup 🙈 Love from Germany ♥️
Alyssa Alex (1 year ago)
I like the background, it just bothers me a little to see the light umbrella in the mirror.
Ranjana Ghosh (10 months ago)
Alyssa Alex l kkhn bookkeeping ok oo
Taylor G (1 year ago)
Love the new intro and love the background. My only suggestion would be maybe more lights or a slightly bigger plant because it's still pretty stark white. On another note, you are one of three youtubers I actually trust. You, Rachel from RachhLoves, and Taylor from ThaTaylaa are my faves.
Hey Sarah love your videos, but girl I'm sorry but Fenty is more made for women and men of color not really for pale people. Rihanna has even said that this line is more for colored only people than pale people because they don't have a lot of just black,Brown, tan, olive tone lines. Not being mean just saying
Kate Regier (10 months ago)
monster high make up lover1222 Fenty is made for ALL skin tones actually. They did a very good job with extremely light shades like they did with extremely dark. That highlight was 10000% made for darker skin tones but Fenty is all about inclusivity and that’s one of the reasons I love the line.
Terri Parker (1 year ago)
monster high make up lover1222 That's kind of funny because her line of foundations is like one of two brands I have tried that have something pale enough for me. I can't wear like like 90-95% of foundations out there. I think her line is supposed to be inclusive of every one.
Cynthia Kalynowski (1 year ago)
Maybe an Anti Haul for every Haul you do... Ps love the background and lighting of this video.
Je Hus (1 year ago)
Hey Sarah can you make a video About all your fav products for skin and make-up? I Love your background baytheway ❣️💕
rachandbaby (1 year ago)
I feel like you did a really good job at making this video less negative and more based on your own personal preferences when it came to the products! I loved watching to know your opinions and certain details about products that I wouldn't have thought to look into before purchasing :) Thanks for making this video Sarah!! Can't wait to see more! lots of love to your family!
Carina Vaz (1 year ago)
Well let me see if I can organize my comments and avoid rambling, because you seem to me like the type of friend I like to spend hours on the phone with :-) 1. the background is beautiful! I love the plant, pleeeease don't let it die lol! Maybe some more fairy lights and it will be perfect! It looks like we're in your house, cilling out and talking to you. 2. Your edition program looks amazing. Can you tell me the name? Sorry for being nosy. 3. I think the light was kind of different. Did you do anything with the lights? The image looks a bit darker. 4. Yes, PLEEEEEEASE do haul and anti-haul (if you can of course) at the end of every month! Anti-hauls are not all negatives, look: I'm buying Huda's foundation! I love coverage!!! You're a sweetheart and yours are my favourite videos! Keep up the excellent work! Kisses from Portugal (tell me if you ever come here)
Rebecca Siebert (1 year ago)
Loveeeee the intro video!!! So cute!!!
Kawther Alkhenaizi (1 year ago)
This setting is cool.. I don't think it needs any changes
Mia Zdanovica (1 year ago)
Love the new intro! And background is lovely! ❤️
OxfordStyle (1 year ago)
None of us care as much about your background as you do. If it's bad we will complain, if not there's no need to take up video time mentioning it. Please do more anti hauls!
Jen Kaufmann (1 year ago)
I love your new intro!! And your background 😍
Yasmine Alexandra (1 year ago)
The fenty highlight is not yellow!! I’m very fair and it shows up more like- a glitter bomb? Still not for everyone but it’s def not straight yellow
Carolane Dupont (1 year ago)
I LOVE the background, simple and cute xx
vorkutyanka (1 year ago)
This comment has nothing to do with this video, but I want to share my thoughts: I admire and have deepest respect for you! You are so wise, so knowledgeable and intelligent, educated, and witty! You approach every topic with such seriousness, and every decision that you make is a result of multi-sided research, and your faith. What is so so inspirational and impressive to me is that you poses all those qualities at such a young age. What impresses me even more is how you dealt with negativity that recently was an issue after one of your vlogs. I am much older, I am a mother of 3 teenage boys, and a nurse, and with all that it took me years to get to a place where I learned to defend what was mine, and not to allow myself to be emotionally influenced by negativity of others. I really really hope that you continue to do what you do now for a long time to come because you set such an amazing example for your younger viewers!
Nekomon (1 year ago)
You are incredibly right, I think the exact same way. Much love to both you and Sarah! <3
vorkutyanka (1 year ago)
Yeah, agree with most popular vote-the background is great! I absolutely love it!
berushka446 (1 year ago)
The background is amazing! Looks perfect and cozy :-) Loved the video ! We're twinning with lot of the products tho! :-)
Emily Sterner (1 year ago)
I feel like the Gigi hadid maybelline palette looks like kid makeup..and I mean for $30. Yikes. I do have Roscea and I do want to try out the Huda beauty foundation but it's pretty expensive. I'm okay without it.
Julieta Evia (1 year ago)
Kimberly clark came up with the antihaul series here on youtube! You should check her out she is sooo funny and super smart
Julieta Evia (1 year ago)
I think your backround is really nice here sarah! Dont woeey,you should keepit like this :)
1998sims (1 year ago)
ohhh boy, you do you and all, I'm glad to see you trying to expand on your channel and this is nothing against you but I just really can not stand that wink animation every beauty vlogger has now

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