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미쓰에이(miss A) 수지(Suzy) 강남직영Shop 사인회 퇴장!

96 ratings | 5041 views
미쓰에이의 에이스 수지가 사인회를 마치고 나가는 모습! ^^
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Text Comments (15)
ryo141295 (4 years ago)
don't tell me all og them are suzy fans??? oh my god! she is really poppular
Fiezryah Fiza (4 years ago)
Wow Suzy unnie you fanboys are crazy but i like it :) haha
DentStudent (5 years ago)
They are so luckyyyyy~
Ivan Lau (5 years ago)
She is famous haha
patricia aguilar (5 years ago)
wer is dat?
Kevin Huang (5 years ago)
726jigglypuff (5 years ago)
Damn! She is so popular!
christinemaude (5 years ago)
FANBOYS domination. :)
Fluffy Taehyungie (5 years ago)
GH sayA (5 years ago)
Wow a lot of fansboys I'm really happy to see how Suzy beloved because she is deserve it. Korean are sooo lucky because suzy is their daughter :)
daisypupnu1 (5 years ago)
ngoc nguyen (5 years ago)
she so cute
Suzyholic (5 years ago)
alot of fanboys. lol
Faith baby (5 years ago)
Wow look at the crowd!! Suzy is sooo cute!! <3
suzy miss a (5 years ago)
She's so pretty! Thanks!

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