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Testing Panties, Wedgies in Girls Part 02.

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Second part of the wedgies, the Brazilian television program, at the time called panic on tv, now called the band panic, the second part shows various tests of ultra-resistant briefs NASA material, the girls suffered more here than in Part 1, enjoy and leave your liked here.
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Text Comments (160)
Laure Henry (9 days ago)
Je voudrais qu'on me fasse comme la 4eme
Mason Riley (1 month ago)
this is in the middle of rape and harrassment
Savannah Kikcio (1 month ago)
kaden cleveland (1 month ago)
What am I watching
Maisy Turner (2 months ago)
I want to be there to get a big wedgie
Tammy Miller (2 months ago)
Love you
Random TV (2 months ago)
KEEP THAT PERVERT UP THERE AND THROW AND HIT HIM WITH STUFF. ( that also looks like a lot of to.)
harley quinn (2 months ago)
That guy is a pedo
Tuatahi Wetere (3 months ago)
I want that to happen to me
Layla Li (1 month ago)
Me too
Maverick KRB (4 months ago)
Ricardo Melo (2 months ago)
Jkl 2017 (5 months ago)
can he do this to me please
harley quinn (3 months ago)
me to
mlp lover (5 months ago)
Hola mi adoptas
Kim Hopkins (5 months ago)
Mamis que rico
Katlyn Goodman (7 months ago)
Sexual Abuse
Kitty 8484 (7 months ago)
I wish I was there, just without the water balloons.
Lisa Pollard (7 months ago)
rmjh0427 (8 months ago)
that is what that boy gets
rmjh0427 (8 months ago)
that is what that boy ges
Eleni Kotsakis (8 months ago)
That doesn’t look like it hurts
Bob Swisher (9 months ago)
why do they hoild on
hillbilly 123 (9 months ago)
Don't let him down
Lalit Maheshwari (10 months ago)
I get wedgie like this only
Tinsley Vaughn (10 months ago)
I want to get wedgie
Slayyy Kirie (11 months ago)
I wish I was there to get a wedgie and get spanked
Rhonda Kisselburg (2 months ago)
Makaylamcentyre,.9 month. Ago
Kymn Thomas (11 months ago)
They should pull there legs down
Jacob Chin (11 months ago)
The hell
Sanaa Schurton (11 months ago)
I wish I was there to get a wedgie I like the pain it gives you
Thuc Anh Duong (11 months ago)
What is giving wedgies
Kymn Thomas (1 year ago)
I wish I was them
tia tia (3 months ago)
If that's all your going to do with your butt then ur right wedgies should be the reason you have a butt for great pain.
MR .GAMER 45 (9 months ago)
tia tia why
Dennis Favro (1 year ago)
2:11 was the best
E93 Sports (8 months ago)
there's no 2:11
Tara Verschatse (1 year ago)
What am i watching i was watching vines and i was washing my hand and it skipped to this video and ya
Maryann Weaver (16 days ago)
Maryann Weaver (16 days ago)
Yung JB (1 month ago)
But I was watchin vines while playin gta v
Yung JB (1 month ago)
Lmao saammee😂
bumblingbuns (1 year ago)
Gacha Goals (1 year ago)
Why do they want to do this?!
harley quinn (3 months ago)
i would
chocolate sauce (1 year ago)
Golden Kingdom (1 year ago)
In America; this would be considered "OPPRESSING" the woman gender. So, expect to get sued.
MusicMan (1 year ago)
You weirdo
Cassie Noel (1 year ago)
He only whipped the first one why
Jose Arias (1 year ago)
Bookworm 123 (1 year ago)
I want a giant painful wedgie to fell how it is
Winter Malfoy (1 month ago)
harley quinn (3 months ago)
this is america mode (1 year ago)
what the hell
Angelina Buonopane (1 year ago)
wtf is this
Xxazaria1xX gaming (1 year ago)
since when did wedgies hurt?????
Natasha Jovic (7 days ago)
Probably just hurts their private
Erinea Martinez (8 months ago)
Tara Verschatse (1 year ago)
Xxazaria1xX gaming
Tara Verschatse (1 year ago)
Xxazaria1xX gaming lol mee
gooch1078 (2 years ago)
the First girl is hot
Mario Lopez (2 years ago)
I mean the guy is an asshole but the girls signed up for this...
wahat an asshole jeez hes wipping her
Melanie Resler (2 years ago)
deadpool 2k (2 years ago)
dat asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Santiago Echavarria (2 years ago)
cual es el orihinal
Sharron Mckenna (2 years ago)
me and Mommy Channel
Lenamarie Caraballo (9 months ago)
Sharron Mckenn no one cares about your stupid channel
Sharron Mckenna (2 years ago)
my channel
Sharron Mckenna (2 years ago)
me and Daddy Channel
Sharron Mckenna (2 years ago)
me and Daddy's Channel pictures of
Gustavo Garcia (2 years ago)
this is not funny this is rape
Isabella Zachary (4 months ago)
123 456 ya
Niantic Mon Go (4 months ago)
The hell are you talking about? This is hilarious
sidney battle (4 months ago)
Diezal Hodgkiss right!!
Diezal Hodgkiss (5 months ago)
Madison Alvarez no its just your girl
Madison Alvarez (5 months ago)
Not funny this is sexual abuse
luli (2 years ago)
esto es más de trola
A .S (2 years ago)
He's whipping her what a perv horny weirdo
Gracie Dugger (2 years ago)
i want the worst one there could be
Winter Malfoy (1 month ago)
harley quinn (2 months ago)
+Ashley Defoe I'm intrested
Joslyn Njenga (2 years ago)
Grace F (2 years ago)
Trinidy Gordon yeah whats ours
AmazingKaiya (2 years ago)
we never saw that big girl
liu sandra (3 months ago)
Addy Smile (1 year ago)
Dan Anderson v
Dan Anderson (1 year ago)
AmazingKaiya that's mean!!! leave her alone!!!
Kody Douglas (2 years ago)
that looks fun
Candace Galindo (3 months ago)
Salvador Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Kody Douglas it does Look fun
Kody Douglas (2 years ago)
where me next please!!!
Yay Youtube (2 years ago)
Please please give me a wedgie I love them
Jay W (2 years ago)
the fact that I can't understand them is good cause I won't hear screams of pain :-)
Jordan Davies (2 years ago)
I wish I was there to get a wedgie
R Valynn (3 months ago)
Not me
Sara Smith (8 months ago)
Jordan Davies me too
MR .GAMER 45 (9 months ago)
Jordan Davies why u want wegies
Lord Justice (2 years ago)
At 1:57 tell the crane man to jerk it up realy fast, then crab on to her legs and swing
harley quinn (3 months ago)
i want it
Mae van Bruggen (2 years ago)
i also want to
Kennedy's life (2 years ago)
I wish I was all of them
Matdon Kedah (4 months ago)
U are hot babe
Jkl 2017 (5 months ago)
i want also
blitz ey (6 months ago)
Same here!!!
Milly Webb (7 months ago)
Me to
Ashton and Bella DeMera (8 months ago)
I feel bad for the women
Perla Gañez (2 years ago)
Paula Fernandez Rosa (3 years ago)
ese cuerpo nenas pero la proxima vez azerlo igualbpero con las bragas
Paula Fernandez Rosa (3 years ago)
Monica Smith (3 years ago)
he is wrong so bad
Dixie Hartline (3 years ago)
That b****!
Aaliyah Gibson (3 years ago)
I want to do that
Faith Owens (3 years ago)
I love it when they grab their vagina and I wish that he would make them spread their legs so it woild be like a thong wedgie
harley quinn (3 months ago)
give me one
Hunter Jewell (3 years ago)
I lo
Heather Gain (3 years ago)
More like this
Fabi Mora (3 years ago)
donde asen so
Porfi Junior 67 (5 months ago)
Fabi Mora te hago uno?
Carlos Paredes (3 years ago)
OMG!!!!so funny
rande house (3 years ago)
Gabriel H (1 year ago)
RIP butt
mastergenius111 b (3 years ago)
I wish I was that girl in the black bra and panties
John Paul McInvaille (11 months ago)
It's intense.. feels good for cock and balls
Danielle Enriquez (2 years ago)
+Henry Thornton i really really really do
Dog lover (3 years ago)
Cool wish
Emily G (3 years ago)
Wowwww... This guy is gross
Ivory ritter (3 years ago)
Kkk what the hell they saying
mlp lover (5 months ago)
Dj dija (3 years ago)
Ultimite WEDGIE
Omar Ahmad (3 years ago)
That would kill any guy.
LiteWave22 (3 years ago)
The ultimate wedgie!
Niteoftheforts (4 years ago)
That guy is a peeve
Niteoftheforts (4 years ago)
Cristiano Ronaldo (4 years ago)
Kkk só no Brasil você vê isso kkkk
lasse herse (4 years ago)
Super wedgie

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