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Taking American-style Chinese food to China

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The U.S. is home to more than 40,000 Chinese restaurants, but what's in your local take-out order bears little resemblance to the many types of cuisine in China. Now, two Americans are taking American-style Chinese east to China. Seth Doane reports.
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Text Comments (138)
Charles Yee (10 days ago)
Cultural Appropriation! Oh wait.... I'm very confused....
Delly Thezar (25 days ago)
That is chinese apostate food
Isaac Stone (2 months ago)
Seth Doane, I didn’t see West food in China.
Midnight Expert (2 months ago)
TheDerpPenguin (2 months ago)
RIP traditional food :(
dchen345 (3 months ago)
The Chinese government should have imprisoned these two jackasses.
Mitch Young (3 months ago)
You can tell the best Chinese places by the number of Chinese customers.
pc tong (4 months ago)
Marvin Denis (4 months ago)
I love Chinese food.
Royce / (5 months ago)
I have never seen a chinese breakfast place beside dim sum from a chinese person
Sachin The Gamer (5 months ago)
I respect the chinese food but American Chinese Food is mad good tho.😂
Pui Lau (5 months ago)
this "abc" is a sinful person
Pui Lau (5 months ago)
i would still go to the actual authentic real food not this trash food
Pui Lau (5 months ago)
the worst food ever
Pui Lau (5 months ago)
original chinese food the best not the fake food
Pui Lau (5 months ago)
that's nasty
Murphy (6 months ago)
I'm Chinese, but I love American Chinese food. It's not as bad as those "Real Chinese" claim they are.
Blue Sky (6 months ago)
This is weird..do they not know that there are location cuisine. Most American-Chinese food is Guangdong based. Maybe in NY. That is more Shanghai. The spicy food is from Szechuan. All they're doing is mixing all region food...smh 🙄
ll c (6 months ago)
Educated chinese americans prefer authentic chinese food.
Charlie Tian (7 months ago)
this white reporter butchered those pronounciation
Black Republican (7 months ago)
Crab Rangoon are the best
Henry Tang (8 months ago)
.... was it authentic? lol.
Andy T (8 months ago)
American Chinese food is like Hawaiian pizza w pineapple
Matthew Nugent (8 months ago)
It just a different countries take on a different culture thats it.
Mike R (8 months ago)
The sky is the limit when your parents have money.
diga Melo (9 months ago)
I will give it 2 years top.
Benjamin Wilson (9 months ago)
Ping pong ling long sing song!
Kao Saepharn (9 months ago)
what a disgrace. i guess it's to attract americans.
DmY808 (9 months ago)
Too much sugar in Americanized food. Can only eat in small portions once in a while if even that.
R.L. H. (9 months ago)
From a business perspective this is brilliant!
Andrew Deng (10 months ago)
American Chinese food is not bad... some of the dishes are tasty and authentic too. the problem is they are all the same... Chinese cuisines are very diverse...
Karl .H (11 months ago)
If its sweet its Chinese American. If its spicy and salty probably the real chinese food.
in4ser (11 months ago)
Shanghainese food can be kind of sweet
Niubility (1 year ago)
This is like going to America and then market Chinese-style western food (Durian Pizza anyone?) to Americans.
Elvin Raphael (1 year ago)
Our version of Malaysian-chinese food are kinda similar to the American-chinese food. You can find orange chicken, lemon chicken etc in every restaurant in Malaysia here. Hahaha
Pankour Laut (1 year ago)
Now we need to bring this Chinese interpretation of American-Chinese food back to the US :D
Sky King (1 year ago)
Fake news. Of course 50% of their customers are Chinese. They are in China. So what's CBS point?
DmY808 (9 months ago)
There are many ex pats living throughout China. A business could survive just on ex pat customers.
Lester Laoagan (1 year ago)
I have watch several videos about "Americanized Chinese Foods" & I observed that the majority of dishes are popular & widely eaten here in the Philippines in restaurants, in family meals & special occasions.
Fred Wangleboy (1 year ago)
that reporter looks like Brad Pitt
Yang Liu (1 year ago)
The American style Chinese food taste disgusting.
Sun Wu (1 year ago)
Interesting way of pronouncing the name of the food.
iJamie8467x (1 year ago)
Plot twist, its not really china, its america Explains why they all speak english
S Somms (1 year ago)
damn, they're going to bring junk "chinese" food to china?
DedHedJosh (19 days ago)
Better than bringing junk American food like McDonalds.... We've done that in Japan and they now have an issue with obesity just like Americans.
BIG CHEESE (1 year ago)
S Somms chinese love american food
Ed F booboo (1 year ago)
Fortune cookies are originally Japanese not American It was because of WW2 and the interment of Japanese Americans in the US that gave way to Chinese manufacturers becoming popular.
Punjabi Foodiez (1 year ago)
hummmmmmmmm nice video..........
ukyee (1 year ago)
It is not about Americanized Chinese food tastes good or bad. If a restaurant does not serve real authentic Chinese food, why is it stilled called Chinese restaurant/cuisine? Irresponsible naming delivers huge misconceptions to customers.
312vandal (11 months ago)
ukyee same can be said about chipotle "mexican grill" 😂
Anon M (11 months ago)
for the same reason we consider Chicago deep dish and chicken parm hero Italian food. It's an homage to the homeland of which the cuisine is rooted. You cant win with SJW's. if we call it American its cultural appropriation, if we don't its "irresponsible". It goes without saying that the majority of Americans know Chinese take out is a domestic rendition.
RASHTG (1 year ago)
osp80 No. what *ukyee* said is correct. The word that shouldn't be in there is "Authentic". Americanized Chinese food isn't authentic anymore as it lost its authenticity when they started modifying it. That's plain simple.
ukyee (1 year ago)
+osp80 In general people just use the term "Authentic Chinese food" to represent the type of food most people eat in China, even though there is no strict definition of it. Here (https://www.yelp.com/list/authentic-chinese-restaurants-san-gabriel-4?start=70) is a list of Authentic Chinese Restaurants from Yelp, no Americanized Chinese restaurant is on it.
The Suba (2 years ago)
Why are they ok with wrecking the pronunciation of the Chinese food?They should take the time to pronounce it right
tiara j (1 year ago)
The Suba Nigga, if you can't pronounce it, then you can't. You expect somebody from Brasil to be able to look at the english word for "Encyclopedia" and pronounce it correctly?
Chase Yq (2 years ago)
Philippine Doge (2 years ago)
This video deserves a "wow" from everydoge.
FinLikeOnAFish (2 years ago)
Yay, fellow Cornellians!
Mlg Kid (2 years ago)
ha it ends on 4:20 ha no one here is mlg they dont deserve to do that
URiAH (1 year ago)
titanhovey (2 years ago)
Shanghai is not the right spot to take that test, people tend to be more acceptable for exotic food.
sarahIcommented (2 years ago)
+titanhovey It's not a test, it's a real business, they set up there because they WANT people to accept it.
guigal2 (2 years ago)
I sort of thought the reporter was going to buy some Chinese food in the US, pack it on ice, fly it to China, reheat it, and serve it to Chinese people.
Anna Ferrara (2 years ago)
That's really interesting.
Anna Ferrara (2 years ago)
Leek pancake and fried porkchop on rice cakes sounds delicious, why don't we have that made at the "Chinese" restaurants here? I have seen scallion pancakes at Japanese restaurants . . . I would say those two examples would be very palatable to Americans.
Jonathan Fairbank (1 month ago)
Because there are many regional cuisines in China. Outside of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chinese food in the United states tends to be a westernized version of a Cantonese food.
URiAH (1 year ago)
damn you should write a blog about it
Al Haqq (2 years ago)
More than half of the shit on the menu people do not even buy on chinese food take out. I never seen anyone get anything except like chicken and brocolli, gtso chicken, orange chicken, sweet and sour pork or chicken wings
BIG CHEESE (1 year ago)
Ed F booboo lol thank you
Ed F booboo (1 year ago)
So you keep a log of what 1000's of people order? It would not be on the menu if it were not a seller
lordcycle (2 years ago)
I'm sure Dog and cat tastes better than kung pao chicken or Mongolian beef?
Wellpinit (2 years ago)
The concept is not so strange. In America and Canada they have Chinese style Western food in Chinese populated areas. These restaurants serves steaks, pork chops, iced tea. Only that they are Chinese style.
Rosie Xu (3 years ago)
I have to say, as a Chinese, I sometimes love the tastes of American Chinese food- because they are sweet, not as spicy as authentic Chinese food. More acceptable for me actually.
Samuel Baldwin (25 days ago)
Well you know Europeans brought the pepper from the America’s to china
Jonah Zhang (1 month ago)
you can eat shanghainese food all you want. But the american version of syrup sweetness, it's disgusting
歌叶 (4 months ago)
Brian Huang (7 months ago)
as Cantonese i dont understand what authentic Chinese food means. dont get me wrong, i am just saying that most Chinese food r not spicy.
Joe Woo (3 years ago)
Shit american chinese food,get out
Richard Lew (10 months ago)
Never judge until you've tried it
Pen Berry (1 year ago)
Paul is dead
BIG CHEESE (1 year ago)
Joe Woo idiot
Daniel Albrittain (3 years ago)
dumb ass
ZHIYUAN YAO (3 years ago)
Americanized Chinese food tastes like SHIT!
Henry Tang (8 months ago)
but... only in comparison to real Chinese cuisine. You have to compare it to the level of Mcdonalds, Toco Bell, KFC, etc. And by that standard, it's not so bad.
Prolifik Wuhn (1 year ago)
ZHIYUAN YAO well the Chinese are the ones who made American Chinese food 😂😂
URiAH (1 year ago)
nahhh you taste like shit
Philippine Doge (2 years ago)
As long as it fills up my tummy, it's a food for me anyway.
yang shifu (3 years ago)
if u want to realize chinese food deeply, u can search ''舌尖上的中国’ which is most famous program in china.
Master Chief (3 years ago)
Should be renamed "Taking Cantonese style food to South China
+Master Chief No shit. But none contains an Americanized crap like egg roll.
Master Chief (3 years ago)
+govahnator Chinese food are not the same....
+Master Chief It's not even Cantonese. It's just a poor imitation of a composite, superficial, and threadbare impression of Chinese food.
Diva Type (3 years ago)
LIZLISA137 (3 years ago)
americans trying to scam chinese of their money by bringing disgusting american chinese food and acting like its so high class
DedHedJosh (19 days ago)
LIZLISA137 I don't agree. They act like it's different...and it is. And scamming is an art for the Chinese. These guys went to Cornell and are a couple of nerds trying to make a simple buck and expand their culture. I'm sure Chinese people think it's an interesting take considering the people who came up with it are their ancestors. They worked with what they had back then. You're talking about dishes that were thought up in the 1800's and early 1900's. They weren't able to import the spices and flavorings they used back home. So instead they made an industry by using what was at their disposal. I think it worked out for them. I mean there are probably 30,000 Chinese restaurants in America at this point. So to take that back is just like "when we left here this is what we had to come up with."
EVILOISA (3 years ago)
The hell is this? It's like I brought some Fettuccine Alfredo and some badly made gross pizza to Milan and have my relatives and friends like it? Nope...
dchen345 (3 months ago)
Thank you.
El Matador (6 months ago)
EVILOISA If you took some really well made fettuccine Alfredo and well made American pizza to actual Italians and let them try it, they would probably like it. In fact, I’ve had some business associates from Italy come to the states before and we had food at a really good Italian-American restaurant and they loved it. It’s because they were not snobs about their cuisine taking on new form in America. They understand the Italian history in the US and were very interested in it and enjoyed the Italian-American cuisine. It would be more like that with the chinese-American food in China, as you can see now half their clientele at this restaurant in the video is now native Chinese, so the Chinese are taking well to it. See, not everyone is a food snob. Lighten up.
El Matador (7 months ago)
Charlie Tian It’s authentically American. Also, many old stock Chinese-Americans do eat dishes found in Chinese-American restaurants. The Chinese in San Francisco that are fourth generation American eat many of those dishes. Chinese immigrants and their children in America might not eat it, but Chinese-American families that have been in the US since the 1800’s surely do.
hrep14 (3 years ago)
I think most westerners would be more familiar with Cantonese style dishes originating a lot further South in the Guangdong region. China is a very diverse nation made up of different ethnic groups/languages and cooking cuisines. You shouldn't look at Chinese food as Chinese food in general (cooked all over China) it should be broken down to it's regional settings, Like you do with Italian, Indian, French, Spanish etc...
佟厚泽 (5 months ago)
North and south are roughly divided by Qin Mountains and Huai River in the main land. Since a large portion of coast is located south to the mountains and river, food preferences are quite similar from most of part of east to south coast. Places northern would prefer salty and some other stuff. If go farther west, more spicy things await.
Kiki (8 months ago)
i don't think so. chinese food is the same on the east coast and south coast
漢仔 (3 years ago)
China has such rich food diversity that southern dishes is different from northern or western part of China. It is still a dish with noodles or rice or whatever, but the way of cooking is different from places to places.
zeiitgeist (3 years ago)
+shalom1948hellyeah My comment never denied anything of what you said and was actually lambasting the co-owner of the shop (and possibly any others out there with the same thought) for not acknowledging that - for China's size there are sure to be other cuisine around China not just 'Taishanese' labelled as all-China, instead he claims they don't have this or that in the whole of China when he found none in Shanghai. I know the famous slogan of the 8 types of cuisines, however there are even more, just because the tourism websites or government don't state them doesn't mean exactly that; what of the Hakka cuisine, even within a province like Guandong where the Teochew is unknown to many and inFujian we see that the Fuzhounese cuisine is different from the Southern Fujian where the western Fujian is largely ignored. Not only that, many people comparatively know the '4 main types of cuisine' because that was the phrase marketed to public before; now that number turned 8 and sometimes you get the occasional 11 culinary cuisines. Northwest China Han who has been there since the Han dynasty and Northeast China Han is under the north China cuisine category  (Beijing all the way to Heilongjiang) have not been categorise as such, yet, like many others provinces not included into the generalisation project that apparent doesn't have a cuisine or place under their neighbours. Also, I wouldn't go as far as to say China is comprised of multiple 'civilisation' since that is technically untrue rather the discrepancy is mostly due to abundance and vernacular like any other country since even small distances reflect different specialties in food. Lastly, I wouldn't touch a lot on the history about the Qing but the Northeast side was reconquered from the Japanese so it technically isn't inherited neither was the western parts from the Russians; compared to 1820, China is significantly smaller and most of the land was actually conquered by the bulk of the forces and generals whom were Han Chinese bannerman and defectors, there was little need for the Manchu 'overlords' or their Han bureaucracy to do anything and that Kangxi was part Han; the Han bannerman and Manchus (this applies to all ethnicity in China) jump between ethnicity a lot by becoming sinicise or desinicised multiple times until even today.
shalom1948hellyeah (3 years ago)
+zeiitgeist Chinese food, like the rest of Chinese culture isn't a single entity.  It's an amalgamation of dozens or distinct civilizations that have melded together in stages continuing (and accelerating) to this day.  It's the same as Chinese language, art etc.  There are a few commonalities like Confucianism but China is more like a CIVILIZATION like Western Europe than a "country" as Americans think of it.  It's like if you combined Vietnam with Thailand... a thousand years from now they would still have their unique food traditions and culture.  There are 8 different regional cuisines in China proper (which excludes the Western, Southwestern and Northeastern territories that are not Chinese but which modern PRC inherited from Manchu overlords).  But  most Chinese in China, even 10 years ago would have been largely ignorant of the food outside of their region, and never tasted most of it.  For example you wouldn't been able to easily find a Shanghai style xiaolongbao restaurant in Changsha even a generation ago.  So really these guys bringing Americanized Chinese food really is no different from the hundreds of guys introducing Tibetan Food or NE cuisine to Beijing, they are just part of the trend in China of both aggrandizing and celebrating the past by embracing "other parts" of Chinese culture. American Chinese food, among hipsters is decried as "fake Chinese food" but that's actually incorrect and ignorant.  Chinese history is in part a history of the diaspora, like with Jews.  As exploiters, as merchants etc, there's a long tradition of Chinese food overseas... SEA Chinese food, Korean Chinese food, etc.  Like ignorants calling Indian English a type of broken English... when in fact it's a DIALECT that was spoken for hundreds of years (before many of our own ancestors came to the US and spoke English)... likewise American Chinese food, with a history going back to the 1840s is fully a type of regional Chinese Cuisine, like other cuisines reflecting the ingredients, culture and history of the Chinese who lived there.  Really the commonality of Chinese food has to do with the wok, the cleaver, the theory of firing and heating the food etc.  And in all those things American Chinese is fully Chinese cuisine.  Respect.
zeiitgeist (3 years ago)
Yeah sadly many Chinese especially those whom aren't in tune; mainly the ones in America are unaware of this since other regions like South East Asia and the UK has a better mix of dialect group cuisine instead of just Cantonese and because of the media lumping the whole of China as just China, implying they are all the same throughout.

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