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Indian Muslim STYLE VEGETABLE BIRYANI Prepared Restaurant & STREET FOOD

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Indian Muslim SYTLE VEGETABLE BIRYANI Prepared Restaurant & STREET FOOD Vegetable Biryani Indian Food and Biryani Prepared for Restaurant Style Vegetable Biryani in Recipes Vegetable Crispy Vegetable Biryani Sanjeev Kapoor Indian Muslim Biryani Prepared Hyderabadi Vegetable & Veg Biryani Recipes Hyderabadi Vegetable & Dum Biryani Recipe easy cooks with Ramadam Vegetable Biryani Recipe for pure veg Traditional Indian Dum Biryani in Urdu or Hindi How to Make Vegetable Biryani your home Dum Biryani Malabar style Biryani Restaurant style vahchef Pure vegetable Biryani Muslim Food Biryani #CookingmeriKitchen #Biryani #Dumbiryani
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Text Comments (141)
nandhini nandhu (24 days ago)
It's really superb thanks for this video...
sujitha svn (1 month ago)
Tried bro..awsum...
Tippu Khan (1 month ago)
Mari Muthu (3 months ago)
thank you so much anna
praveen kumar (3 months ago)
Thank you bro 😊👍
Deepa Laxmi (3 months ago)
Mustaqeem Ahmed (4 months ago)
jolly (4 months ago)
Superb,looks very yummy.
Padmavati Bandikeri (5 months ago)
great. thank u sooooooooooo much. god bless u sir
Kavi Kavi (6 months ago)
mouth watering
Vrindha Challa (7 months ago)
superb! thank you for posting, bohot tasty tha, shukriya
amuda mano (7 months ago)
super recipe i will try and its come good thank you
Adharshaa A (8 months ago)
yummy I love it
Miss Perfecta (8 months ago)
Mashallah it look delicious I was looking for an easy way to make this biriyani u made it easy for me many thanks JazaakAllah
gazala anjum anjum (9 months ago)
Thk u ...i tried my hubby live it ...
Nithin Gowda (9 months ago)
Very nice yummy tastes good
kedar desai (10 months ago)
Oil kaunsa use kiya.
p.chandra kanth (10 months ago)
Supar bhaiya
Kani Mozhi (10 months ago)
Lazeez Pakwaans (10 months ago)
V nice..recipe...Amazing video . Keep connected and stay safe.i am your new subscriber.... Hope to see you as a great connection with absolutely amazing mutual engagement thx.... ☺️☺️
Farzana Khan (11 months ago)
Nice veg biriyani super
Zubair Pas (11 months ago)
save hitardi (11 months ago)
I tried this recipe and it was super every body liked my family demanded to make this once again and today I am making it
Subhasmita Parhi (11 months ago)
very nice
Kani Mozhi (11 months ago)
Super sir
save hitardi (11 months ago)
i liked your way of making veg biryani today I was not well I will try this today as it is very simple
Chotu SP (11 months ago)
Very nice
Mariya Amala (1 year ago)
rupa jo (1 year ago)
Came out too good sir.. Thank you soo much for the recipe ..
Sakib Alam (1 year ago)
Khichu'S ChanneL (1 year ago)
Thanks for uploading this video
Shuba S (1 year ago)
This came out excellent👍. Thank you for such easy recipe🙏
Divija A (1 year ago)
Esther Samuel (1 year ago)
Very nice recipe
V Jay (1 year ago)
Bahut Acha process bataya apney... Thanks for the recipe Bhay
Usha Rani (1 year ago)
Really cool idea and recipe, I'll try it!
jesus christ Alphonse (1 year ago)
my motherinlaw do same like this .it is so tasty
Deepak Digitalsd (1 year ago)
very nice and yummmmmmm
V Lavanya (1 year ago)
awesome recipe bro
Sunitha Konga (1 year ago)
Very good taste loved it.
Radha Spandana (1 year ago)
My rice is semi cooked
VIDEOSMYLIVE (1 year ago)
semi rice cooking reason after mixing Biryani Masala Dum style 10 minutes & perfect cooking full semi rice
Rekha jayram (1 year ago)
babies babies (1 year ago)
Every time am trying ur style ... awesome
red rose (1 year ago)
Ur biryani is superb I tried it but ur voice should be more
Prince Prince (1 year ago)
riya sekar (1 year ago)
which one are u using for colour
Ks Umesha (1 year ago)
thank you I learnt to make veg biryani
Asma Afreen (1 year ago)
nice recipe
ismail shareef (1 year ago)
gud recipe thanks
Suhasini pogu (1 year ago)
I tried n it came out very tasty.my family loved it.easy n tasty.
Gayathri gaya3 (1 year ago)
I tried it its very awesome 👍👍tq for the video
Sivagami Palanisamy (1 year ago)
we want more Muslims recipe
Sivagami Palanisamy (1 year ago)
we want how to cook Muslims vegetables Biryani in normal cooker please give video
Annie Anon (1 year ago)
Tried this today, fabulous 👌🏻
Harshitha df (1 year ago)
prasanna ravuri (1 year ago)
very nice recipe..I tried it .nice taste.thank u...
gopa kumar (1 year ago)
we have tried it great taste sir thanks for giving us this wonderful recipe
gopa kumar (1 year ago)
we have tried it great taste sir thanks for giving us this wonderful recipe
vishesh KUMAR (1 year ago)
i love biryani
Nandu Nandu (1 year ago)
Vidhya Vidhya (1 year ago)
Regina moses (1 year ago)
it really came out well when I tried today... everyone loved it at home. Thank u very much for ur recipe..
Selva Kumar (1 year ago)
nupur arora (1 year ago)
looks v good. will try
Pratyush (1 year ago)
The coloured rice in the left will go to a single plate...
Roopa Jayaraj (1 year ago)
supar ricepi
Zain Yaseen (1 year ago)
very nice hamna
Feroz Uddin (1 year ago)
if u fry carrot green peas beans and potato seperately and then mix it wll b more tasety
Hart24 Castro (1 year ago)
Ycycy Yycug7 (1 year ago)
niec wow
Sarah M (2 years ago)
Revathy Vasu (2 years ago)
After so many failure(tasteless) briyani making attempts i succeeded after trying your recipe. thumps up! Thanks for the video.
M.Shyam Ganeesh (1 year ago)
Revathy Vasu thumbs up
PATEL JAVID (2 years ago)
easy nd tasty biryani
Magical love (2 years ago)
Tarika P (2 years ago)
very nice
kalai Kalaiyarasi (2 years ago)
very nice biriyani
EZWR. (2 years ago)
vyjayanthi sriram (2 years ago)
Super recipe....
Gautham Bhati (2 years ago)
vyjayanthi sriram
guru rsj Braju (2 years ago)
vyjayanthi sriram
VIDEOSMYLIVE (2 years ago)
Thanks Bro
Niran Chinnappa (2 years ago)
Hey thanks buddy ! I was waiting or wanted this kind of Muslim Biryani style and that too with vegetables only.... yummy man....
Rajwinder Kaur (1 year ago)
sanjana jaiswal m
sanjana jaiswal (1 year ago)
Very nice
Gouthami Shiramshetty (2 years ago)
Niran Chinnappa –।
VIDEOSMYLIVE (2 years ago)
Thanks Bro
aarti malhotra (2 years ago)
very nice and simple
kesavan andi (2 years ago)
aarti malhotra
pallavi tripathi (2 years ago)
yemmm. ...
Vergie Campipi (2 years ago)
very very nice recipes excellent food
Very nice recipe very easy recipe very good please subs cribe my channel for sudh deshi recipe thanks.
bala krishna (2 years ago)
super cooking bro...very nice... thank for sharing
nsk1966 (2 years ago)
looks great. Double Thumbs up !!
C_ Farther (2 years ago)
I was taught never to take the weighter off the pressure cooker until that pain is completely cool, stuff can come out of that pressure valve. Looks good, but extremely spicey. I am not sure how to cut this down to American taste buds.
Azzunnissa vellure (2 years ago)
waw.... awesome...
Unknown (2 years ago)
I want to prepare it for 25kg rice please can you tell me the quantity to add.. thank you
Sree Lakshmi (2 years ago)
I have tried so many veg biriyani but nothing came as good as this...
Nizam Deen (2 years ago)
looks nice don't know how taste is!
praveen kumar (2 years ago)
Thank you , awesome recipe
excellent taste . very good and easy made
Hinal Patel (2 years ago)
wow nice and easy
Sirisha D (2 years ago)
Hinal Patel v
Shalini R (2 years ago)
how much rice to keep for making 20 people
Ayesha Khan (2 years ago)
8 glass
supriya pandey (2 years ago)
nice receip and yummy woooooow
Imran Nurani (1 year ago)
supriya pandey
BeautyOy (2 years ago)
mouth watering😛😛
rajesh sharma (7 months ago)
Very nice
ms viyas (2 years ago)
super yummy yummy
Gopi. Gopal (2 years ago)
ms viyas
Deepti Rao (2 years ago)
This is the easiest recipe! thanks :)
Ashwini Athineni (2 years ago)
yummy recipe

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