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Suzy - Heart Song (The Face Shop) 33s

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via mysuzy (weibo)
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Text Comments (40)
MOZY 0110 (1 year ago)
suzy so pretty
Hanny Bae (2 years ago)
so cuteeeeee
Yaprak Kökbil (2 years ago)
Waffle Choco (2 years ago)
still watching in 2016😊 she's so adorable
Cute :)
Just Dasommi (4 years ago)
Whenever i feel down i watch tis video it somehow gives me a better mood when i saw her
nadia fitriani (5 years ago)
suzy-ah ♥
Charme Cago (5 years ago)
can someone pls tell me the romanized lyrics of this song? jebal ....
Nicolas Sauveur (5 years ago)
give me my heart back Suzy !
Nicolas Sauveur (5 years ago)
Charme Cago (5 years ago)
yepppppoo <3
مملكة روز (5 years ago)
Wow so cut and sexy i love you suzyyyyyy
Tj DaeChi (5 years ago)
soooooo lovely <3 <3 :) stay good <3 <3
JeH (5 years ago)
where can I download it ? i love her.
fatmaa muhammed (5 years ago)
Cutie ^^
hajar nouri (5 years ago)
Suzy , i love you so much , you re so cute , i m a girl too , that why i m kind of jealous , because you re so sexy , saranghae <3
Jokolono Lono (5 years ago)
Mariel Correa (5 years ago)
No me canso de escuchar esta cancion! Ella es tan hermosa.. La amo!!
ladylurvebear (5 years ago)
this is sooo my ringtonee !!
blueblossom2223 (5 years ago)
suzy is co cute
cannaarmy Natalia (5 years ago)
omona,,kyeopta,, suzy ssi,,daebakkkk
xiki Juno (5 years ago)
cute cute cute cute :X :X :X love Suzy :X :X :X
문연주 (5 years ago)
고딩때부터 예쁘다고 유명하고 하루에 번호를 그렇게 따였다는데 평범??!!
송예슬 (5 years ago)
CIRCLETTH (5 years ago)
fullfeek (5 years ago)
suzy jjang
Fatema Ghasemi (5 years ago)
suzy daebakk <33
윤수정 (5 years ago)
miuwing yam (5 years ago)
王雪芳 (5 years ago)
Cute!!! xDD
Once Sueweet Nation (5 years ago)
Once Sueweet Nation (5 years ago)
Melanie Sebastian (5 years ago)
Supeeeeer Cuteeeeeee! The sing is so Catchy.
fullfeek (5 years ago)
suzy jjang
ForSuzy INA (5 years ago)
She is so lovely :3
loveksweety (5 years ago)
awnnn she is so cute<3!!!
Mish (5 years ago)
KazuuuX3 (5 years ago)
omg this is too cute!! Suzy's voice is the most adorable!! XD and her little dancing haha So cute :D She's so pretty and fun~
Dat Tran (5 years ago)
My idol :)
Christopher saman (5 years ago)
Really beautiful. Angel face

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