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My Funny Valentine - Angela Mccluskey

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angela mccluskey -my funny valentine
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Anderson Ramos (7 days ago)
Quase um feitiço <3
Flor (1 month ago)
Adele Webber ♥️😿
Bryan Fitzgerald (2 months ago)
wth! Who the hell cares about Grey's Anatomy or Adele Webber???? Angela Mccluskey has her self and her repertoire of music in her own right. Angele Mccluskey is FABULOUS, a veritable treasure...listen to her Roxy Sessions and other selections. Get a life you people watching tv...lmao
Let O' (6 months ago)
Richard and Adele Webber wedding <3
Army Baunilha (7 months ago)
Adell Webber :( 💔
Ana Gendzekhadze (9 months ago)
My funny valentine Sweet comic valentine You make me smile with my heart Your looks are laughable Unphotographable Yet you're my favourite work of art Is your figure less than greek Is your mouth a little weak When you open it to speak Are you smart But don't change a hair for me Not if you care for me Stay little valentine stay Each day is Valentine's Day My funny valentine Sweet comic valentine You make me smile with my heart Your looks are laughable Unphotographable Yet you're my favourite work of art Is your figure less than greek Is your mouth a little weak When you open it to speak Are you smart But don't you change one hair for me Not if you care for me Stay little valentine stay Each day is Valentine's Day Each day is Valentine's Day
Jaris Sanz Frias (10 months ago)
Who the fuck is Adele Webber?
Jesus Rojas (10 months ago)
in the show greys anatomy there is a character called adele webber and she dies having a heart attack and as the episode ends we see her dancing with her husband in a wedding dress as this song plays
Lesly Reyes (1 year ago)
I came to this song because of Greys and omg I’m crying and dying emotionally
CYN derella (1 year ago)
Saw this episode last night :''(
Madu Biersack Way (1 year ago)
Midou Bendaif (1 year ago)
My funny valentine Sweet comic valentine You make me smile with my heart Your looks are laughable Unphotographable Yet you're my favourite work of art Is your figure less than greek Is your mouth a little weak When you open it to speak Are you smart But don't change a hair for me Not if you care for me Stay little valentine stay Each day is Valentine's Day
jacky akty (1 year ago)
I Still love you. And that song your last message on whatsapp ☹
pietro coviello (1 year ago)
with colour and grace thanks to angela dear MANU+
cah :p (1 year ago)
Rip; Adele Webber 💙 Love so much Grey's Anatomy, Love Richard and Adele forever!! 😭💗
Yaw Nuri Obi (1 year ago)
Never heard of Grey's anatomy or Adelle Webber... just a lover of Angela's voice since she was in Wild Colonials.
Elyannia (1 year ago)
This is the only song speaks to my depression, it's so bittersweet...
Elyannia (1 year ago)
This pulls the heartstrings like a poem, the aching sadness... 🎵 Each day is Valentine's day 🎵🎤🎹😭
HeyIt's Jaky (1 year ago)
adele and richard webber 💔
manon ribeiro (1 year ago)
Adèle Webber, merci <3
Adele Webber 😢😢
June Jara -.- (1 year ago)
RIP Adele ♡
um ponto qualquer (1 year ago)
weber is adele❤😟😞
Vitinho Souza (1 year ago)
r.i.p adele webber 😭
Rupert weel berth (1 year ago)
happy valentines day
Zulya Кадыр (1 year ago)
Richard and Adele...😥😥😥
tofife5 (1 year ago)
does anybody know the song when the piano begins? It sounds like a classical piece of music?
2minTipps Ellen Tells (1 year ago)
I love it!
Mucha Mucha (1 year ago)
someonee add karaoke version :(((
Leo and Raindrop (2 years ago)
I play the song whenever I think about my cat dying
Cahroliena (2 years ago)
that scene made me cry
Andrea Mulkin (2 years ago)
Great song. It reminds me of Grey's Anatomy. If they wouldn't have featured this song in their episodes I would of never known of it.
Andrea Niño (2 years ago)
Adele Webber😢💔 I love Grey's Anatomy
Ivan Mcoetuzam (2 years ago)
I just finished the episode where she dies , ): that last scene was so sad
CJ (2 years ago)
I Cried
Rose N (2 years ago)
such a beautiful piece
nyeduoth puok (2 years ago)
Mia Elyse (8 months ago)
i couldnt just not do it
Endurance's Life (11 months ago)
Jose Diego (1 year ago)
When in baileys wedding Meredith was narrating and said “Start at the beginning”and Richard and Adele were dancing and this song was playing,that was so heart breaking.( I LOVE GREYS ANATOMYYMRUISBSISB💝❤️)
Ana Lalovic (1 year ago)
omg, I did
Qetson Rose (1 year ago)
Mackenzie Judeh (2 years ago)
Adele Webber.. Oh gosh Greys Anatomy kills everyone I love😢😢
Leo and Raindrop (2 years ago)
Mackenzie Judeh
Mariam Mariam (2 years ago)
#AdeleWeber 💗
Blowers Daughter (2 years ago)
stay little valentine stay.
Deivson Xavier (2 years ago)
Isai Cruz Herrera (2 years ago)
dios que sensual
Mildre Rocha (2 years ago)
Adele Webber 💗😔😔😔
Viviane Lopes (2 years ago)
Adele Webber 💗💗💗
Teresa Kowinska (2 years ago)
Ergoprise Ergonomics (2 years ago)
If you enjoyed this song you have to download her album, it's amazing all 8 songs are incredible. The album is called Curio.
axelle32 (2 years ago)
This is so incredible and inspired. Thank you Grey's for finding and broadcasting this. It's just amazing.
Jean-Luc Aubert (3 years ago)
I never thought anyone would manage to move me as much as Chet Baker with this song, well, I was wrong. What a wonderful interpretation!
Irini Michopoulou (3 years ago)
late night loneliness..with this amazing voice.
Just_Sarah (3 years ago)
this makes me cry ;-; it makes me think of greys anatomy and that everybody i love is dead or gone
rawrglesnaps (2 years ago)
+Kakashikewl Don't tell others to push away their feelings. That does no one any good and can actually worsen them. If you've got nothing better to say then it's better if you don't say anything at all.
Just_Sarah (2 years ago)
+Kakashikewl You're acting as if it was making me cry rivers, it was just a few tears. "do something better with your feelings" what does that even mean, you make it sound like feelings are like time and money and you can waste them, feelings are feelings they come and go, if you're sad your probably going to cry if you're happy you're probably going to smile. At that moment in time i was sad hence the tears so why don't you leave me alone. you act like you'd never cried because of a song or a tv show. Please do something better with your time instead of saying i'm stupid for something everyone does or has done before, thank you :)
L. George (2 years ago)
+just_sarah Because if it's the TV Show your comment is pretty stupid :/ Do smth better with your feelings.
L. George (2 years ago)
+just_sarah That's quite a combination :/ Are you talking about Grey's characters or real life figures?
Mohammed Alamoudi (3 years ago)
this is a special song that i enjoy lustening alone and would only dedicate it to my fav one and only one
Richard Mirga (3 years ago)
Richard Mirga (3 years ago)
Richard Mirga (3 years ago)
Richard Mirga (3 years ago)
Richard Mirga (3 years ago)
Yusra Zegrani (3 years ago)
if Britain's got talent audition brought you here, like this comment xD
Raphael F RODRIGUEZ (1 year ago)
Márcia Duarte (3 years ago)
+Yusra Zegrani I loved this song for ages... By chance I saw Alice's audition on Britain's got talent and it blew me away. Not only her voice is beautiful but also thedelicate instrumental arrangement of this song (that I never heard before). So i started to search versions of this song (I thought I knew them all) and then... I found this. Just perfect.
Candice Alanayé (3 years ago)
this song puts me in a good happy mood sometimes and also in a sad heartbreak mood . beautiful song 😍
Azenne 964 (3 years ago)
Adèle Webber :(
Mariam Rigvava (3 years ago)
+baba cool the wedding memory :'(
Areli Ramos (3 years ago)
R.i.p Adele Webber may she rest in piece 👼🏼
I swear she made herself upset before she sung this.
ivanna aguilar (3 years ago)
This just melt my heart
Sherif EL-Haggan (3 years ago)
Reminds me of Don't Explain... Passionate strong human feelings
Sinan ERGÜN (3 years ago)
Whenever you reach for me. I'll be your guide 😌
Visnja Drinjovski (3 years ago)
How can anyone dislike THIS!!?
Madamnesia (3 years ago)
una voce troppo pulita
Dawn Diez Willis (3 years ago)
So gorgeous and moving.
Jonathan BornAgain (3 years ago)
what awful singing. if this is considered artistic because of the emotion in the way she sings to represent the hurt feeling within the lyrics, then i don't want to know what art is. the music is beautiful, her singing just ruins it. there are better more pleasant ways to convey emotion into a song than this! 
Doc Canoro (3 years ago)
+Jonathan BornAgain you actually don't know what art is, and you "don't want to know what art is." expressing emotions is an essential part of art, is the heart of art.
Grim Divine (3 years ago)
+Jonathan BornAgain Well... over 2,000 people disagree with you and 26 agree with you. I think it's safe to say you and those other people have terrible taste and an awful ear for unique, beautiful vocal styles.
Laurie Smith (3 years ago)
You clicked. Leave the video. Don't scroll down to the comments. Let other people enjoy their own favourite covers in peace. Thanks for raising awareness on the subject. Bye :)
Jennifer Davies (3 years ago)
This is exquisite. 
Ergoprise Ergonomics (4 years ago)
Pauline Gpl (4 years ago)
Rip Adele webber:(
Lilly Lovejoy (4 years ago)
Wow!!! How come I haven't known about her before? 
Nathaniel Tumibay (4 years ago)
Minnie Maus (4 years ago)
Daniel Martine (4 years ago)
This is one of the most recorded and compelling songs in the American Songbook. I love all kinds of versions and arrangements. Perhaps, Chet Baker singing and playing it is my fave. But I must say, I love the naked longing and breathtaking vulnerability in Ms. McCluskey's reading of this lovely, venerable song. Peace...
FindYourLogo (4 years ago)
Het is wel vals, maar zoooo prachtig!
Farah Mismar (4 years ago)
Where can I get the piano sheet for this version from? 
Mateusz Niedbal (4 years ago)
damn good!
Nicolle (4 years ago)
I love this music. When I listen to this song, I see myself in a blues bar in New Orleans, with a cigarette in one hand and with a brandy in the other.  Incredible. 
Sheena Boone (5 years ago)
Hi everyone! im an aspiring singer i made a cover of my funny valentine! i would love it if you watched it! its less than 3 minutes of your time! thank you!!! http://youtu.be/nvjYnLFHBE8
Erika Arredondo (5 years ago)
talented Mr. Ripley
Margarida Camões (5 years ago)
episódio 12 , da 8ª temporada
Jana Gorgan (5 years ago)
In which episode of Grey's Anatomy is this from?
Shiy.J (1 year ago)
It's in 9x10 baileys wedding day episode from the end of the episode when we find out adele dies
Andrea Mulkin (2 years ago)
there are multiple episodes that have this song.
ghaith alnajm (5 years ago)
yesssssssss she's better mooooooore and more !!
Love Yourself (5 years ago)
This is beautifully haunting!
New Religion (5 years ago)
Adele Nooooooooo.
Aetona (5 years ago)
The original was made in 1937...
Nini Mesxi (5 years ago)
This one's just a sad and beautiful cover of it in modern style.. :3 I like it.. But I LOVE Ella.. ♥
bambielenzie20 (5 years ago)
the picture is kinda creepy.
bambielenzie20 (5 years ago)
better watch it. it's amazing! ;) just saying.
Hichame Moriceau (5 years ago)
I don't know anything about Greys Anatomy but I admit, this cover is truly beautiful !
Karyon Their Story (5 years ago)
Alice Fredenham brought me here
Christian Salinas (5 years ago)
Song always gives me tears...
13maart82 (5 years ago)
Ow, this is just breath taking!!!!
James Krochko (5 years ago)
Adel .......
Terry Tripp (5 years ago)
I think Chet Baker is more famous for his cover of this tune.
Adriana Irrera (5 years ago)
bellissima versione..............pura classe
Dinee Atkinson (5 years ago)
I need the music sheets for this song well this version
Savannah Guegan (5 years ago)
Troulitsa (5 years ago)
But you said that the copy is the Greys Anatomy one. Which I still don't understand the logic behind it. Cause they didn't copy anything they just used this specific cover of the song, and I am pretty sure nobody said that this is a cover from Greys. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. It's a beautiful song, and a beautidul cover.
Troulitsa (5 years ago)
You do realise what you are saying doesn't make any sence right? Greys used exactly this cover, the original is from 1937. And there are so many singers that have said this song years now. I think the most famous one is from Frank Sinatra.

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