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Random & Funny Moments in Battlefield V Beta! (Dynamite accidents!)

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Jack, Arron and Deathdealer take up arms in Battlefield V's beta only to be shot, blown up and ran over... whoops! Check out Arron (LastStandGamers)'s channel here: ─ Social Links ─ ➤ Discord Server - https://discord.gg/skwQTGc ➤ Patreon - http://bit.ly/1Kt6guK ➤ Steam Group - http://bit.ly/1XAAcXG ➤ Twitter - http://bit.ly/1mZxL26 ➤ Facebook Page - http://on.fb.me/1PNIAy1 ➤ Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/captainjackyt ─ Want a SPACE ENGINEERS Server? ─ Check out Server Blend for Top Quality Servers today! https://serverblend.com/ ─ Music in the Videos? ─ The Music i use in videos is either by, www.epidemicsound.com www.machinimasound.com Un-official Star Citizen Soundtrack :D ➤Please DO NOT re-upload my videos or parts of my videos without express permission from myself or my management!
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Text Comments (20)
Dynamite Dinosaur (3 months ago)
0:22 Dammit Arron.
Evil_Mr_Bunny (4 months ago)
Good landing
snakeyes1719 (4 months ago)
refreshing change of pace 👍
Niklas P (4 months ago)
This Beta was so much fun the best part was when I was on the Silo in Narvic as a sniper, requested a Supply Drop from my Squadleader and got crushed by it. Love your vids keep it up !
Asatolf (4 months ago)
I don't think its worth 60 bucks personally.
Wise One1494 (4 months ago)
something i would want 2 c is how u do with piloting planes and tanks
richard snyder (4 months ago)
Cant wait jack for this game u guys play on xbox or playstation
Tamemonkey Boy (4 months ago)
richard snyder they play on pc
GEORGE GIANNIKOS (4 months ago)
Shotgun and C4 is Jack's life
Jevil the jester (4 months ago)
The bata's fun, I know, but want to hear something better? COD: BO4 is coming in 3 days!!! 😃
Hanzo Hattori (4 months ago)
BF > CoD: BO4
captian wolfy (4 months ago)
can you play star wars battlefront 2 pls
Commander Knight (4 months ago)
How many times can one person blow themself up. :D
Gregory Neff (4 months ago)
almost first
Clone (4 months ago)
im so sad the beta is over i had so much fun D:
Firelord Magma (4 months ago)
Tj (4 months ago)
So true
Marvel Yellow Pants (4 months ago)
Good vid
Marvel Yellow Pants (4 months ago)
Totally watched It in 26 seconds

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