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We went straight to the source and asked them on the streets of Belgrade!!! Music by Erik & The Worldly Savages - Macka Koja Luta - http://www.erik.rs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t08RcL-4Aw
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Serbian people are Turkish? well we Greeks are Greeks, that is why we have are own country with are own Alphabet and Language and religion and History and culture and food, we did not just make this stuff up.
sunil Pandey (16 hours ago)
Why why why so beautiful??? I like v much
Knowbbies (20 hours ago)
Dear friend, which microphone have you used in this amazing video?
Jesus Pineda (1 day ago)
Beautiful princess
Ron (2 days ago)
Any single serbian girl here?
TheCarFactor (3 days ago)
Dumbest bitches alive, just listen to their answers 😂 I’m from Belgrade, yes, they are beautiful but not because of any stupidity said here. The odd fact here however is how well everybody here speaks English and jet we’re being confused with Russia. I wonder how that happened considering that nobody here speaks Russian at all😏
Bill Smith (4 days ago)
Beautiful, but TOTALLY fucked in the head.
Rey Mira (4 days ago)
Beautiful people no cares in this world👊🏻
KK DeVeauXgue (6 days ago)
The Milk and the food it's pure that's why their so beautiful no drugs dependency just happy go lucky women in love with life instead of drama...
No beauty Nothing!
Belgrade in Indonesian is still Beograd, as same as the original. Why western is kind like to change various name that actually it's original one?
The Serbs mostly mixed with the Greeks and the ancient Romans, so their hair is now black.
Žaklina Mihajlović (9 days ago)
Šta lupetaju🤔🤔🤔
abhishek garg (10 days ago)
Because Always happy Love from INDIA
Branislav Sanader (11 days ago)
Svako slovo a kamoli riječi je suvišna
R R (12 days ago)
Its a matter of opinion, myself and most guys i know dont find dark haired girls attractive, as a northern european I would never pick a southern european over a girl with pale skin, blonde hair blue eyes etc
Belgrade Beat (12 days ago)
Everyone's got their type, etc.
Guru Sandirasegaram (13 days ago)
Only I traveled Belgrade. Stayed in youth hostels . You guys are Russian background; I mean Serbian ) they never won beauty pageant. Now you guys are separate countries.
Albanian Power (14 days ago)
They are mixtures of turkish👍🏻
Venkatesh babu (16 days ago)
If you feel like kissing a woman means she is a bit more beautiful.
Venkatesh babu (16 days ago)
Hug means jamming. Double look means OK. Staring means be aware.
TS (16 days ago)
They are realy beauty
Daradajee (17 days ago)
Bosnians are hotter.
Tilemachos Mark (18 days ago)
Orthodox countries is the best. KOSOVO IS SERBIA!!!
X x Phonemix xX (19 days ago)
OMG! Koje glupace kakva Turska
Stripman Mille (23 days ago)
Ya volim serbia pichka from italy 😂😂
Celeste Finn-Stowell (26 days ago)
How come no of them are talking about genetic mixing brought upon by Mongolians?
Sebo HALO (28 days ago)
90% sminka is bjutiful :P
Sadaqat Jabarkhil (29 days ago)
Realy are beautiful❤
none business (1 month ago)
i have been in belgrade for about 7 weeks, walking around everyday a little bit. it is a big city, I forget 2-3 million. people, especially young women, make an effort to dress as well as possible even though it is not a rich country. young women make an effort with clothing, hair and makeup to look as good as they can. but there are plain young women too. i think that because it is a big city, people are more likely to notice the young attractive women who are dressed nicely and people are so busy looking at better looking people that the less attractive women just don't get noticed. yes, it seems the young women here are very attractive and it looks fairly genetic plus they are making an effort and the plainer women just don't get noticed is all. so your eyes reflexively scan from attractive person to attractive person in a big city with lots of people watching to do and skim over the plain women or middle aged, fat or old people.
Lonnie Christopher (1 month ago)
...the fathers of Serbian women are forcing them to be beautiful......
Maarij Hassan (1 month ago)
Depends on how you see it!
Marc Padilla (1 month ago)
They're really nice.That's why. and little make up
SJ (1 month ago)
Matter of taste. Some adore Serbian girls,some dont. Many of them are inner sluts for a fact that they are leg-lifting mechanism for foreigners. Probably telling everyone that they only had 2 or maybe MAX 3 boyfriends but actually has swallowed bunch of guys in random toilets. Not all of them orcourse,but many times u kiss serbian girl,ur spirit will ask u How does it taste? Taste what? Taste of my dick! Ко има мозга,схватиће. OT. Latinas are the most beautiful woman,by far ;)
Vladimir Antonic (1 month ago)
Because we are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!
iAmGio ™ (1 month ago)
Public agent vibe is strong in this video.
Alex Jin (1 month ago)
0:12 that's hermione
Keilla Sellay (1 month ago)
I am from Romania, but never have visited Serbia, to my shame. But to be honest, I would never have thought that Serbian people have turkish genes. That's a fucking lie. I agree that in most photos of Serbian people that I have seen, they have dark hair. But that's because after the fall of Constantinopolis into the hands of the evil pagans, many Greeks fled Anatolia into the Balcans. So Serbian and Greeks have something in common.
Arturo Medrano (1 month ago)
Love Serbia.
Technickk1 (1 month ago)
Easy answer, Slavs
Forza ITALIA (1 month ago)
Jebali vas turski geni glupace smrdljive
PatrickMCcolley (1 month ago)
Girl at 1:01 could scrape of all the dead skin with teeth like that.
Javier Barrientos (1 month ago)
All over the world 🌍 are beautiful women
Fuck Turkey.
cloud 07 (1 month ago)
It's true, Serbian women are very very beautiful. But not only serbian women also the serbian men are extraordinarily beautiful. It's really striking. I believe it's something inside that makes them then beautiful outside. It's true. 😊 greetings from Austria
Oleg Olegovich (1 month ago)
Serbs are not typical slavs. It is clear most of them carry a bit turkish genes. And in western and northern turkey there are slavic genes. Light hairs and light eyes are not so less
Dizii Beqiiri (2 months ago)
Kosovo-albania have most beautiful women in balkan
Vishnu R (2 months ago)
Due to genatical factors, they belong to nordic aryan race, not only Serbian, mostly all slavic and middle East women are beautiful.
Stefan Urquelle (2 months ago)
Lijepe i simpatične cure poz 😍
N Ziik (2 months ago)
Because we are stationed in the middle of the Balkans and therefore mixed with more people than those who were a bit more isolated. Plus, Slavic women are better looking than any other European group. PS. Serbian women tend to invest in their looks more than most other women, hair, make up, clothes; take that away and you get a pretty normal looking girl.
Gazmir Dema (2 months ago)
Because you have changed Albanian women the nationality to serbian In Reality they are Illyrian
Joe Pusic (2 months ago)
Theh.Re Beaitoful.nat.turkis 2.bila Mi.srpkimja.sta.g.sluzS.glupi.tLiban.dont.t.wast.time.with.him.goof
JOBAHable (2 months ago)
Pa pre Osmanlija ima 1389 godina od Isusovog rodjenja.To je jedno ratnicko pleme koje je otimalo decu drugih i zenilo robinje.Ustvari to je islamizovano istocno rimsko carstvo.Sve sto se vodi kao njihovo kulturno nasledje je rimsko,grcko,persijsko,slovensko,arapsko.Stanovnistvo grcko,slovensko.
Monica Adellya Putri (2 months ago)
Nice beautiful
aaron (2 months ago)
Croatian women are just as beautiful
Dane Hočevar (2 months ago)
Ako može, anyone, ime ove cure na 01:19, please? Kristen Stewart kind of accentuated cheek.....
prinsesa iomperreo (2 months ago)
cause they don't wear panties   Moi je m'appelle LolitaLo ou bien LolaDu pareil au mêmeMoi je m'appelle LolitaQuand je rêve aux loupsC'est Lola qui saigneQuand fourche ma langue,j'ai là un fou rire aussi fouQu'un phénomène Je m'appelle LolitaLo de vie, lo aux amours diluviennes Moi je m'appelle LolitaCollégienne aux basBleus de méthylèneMoi je m'appelle LolitaColéreuse et pasMi-coton, mi-laineMotus et bouche qui ne dit pasÀ maman que je suis un phénomèneJe m'appelle LolitaLo de vie, lo aux amours diluviennes Refrain C'est pas ma fauteEt quand je donne ma langue aux chatsJe vois les autresTout prêts à se jeter sur moiC'est pas ma faute à moiSi j'entends tout autour de moiHello, helli, t'es A (L.O.L.I.T.A.)Moi Lolita
killer CG (2 months ago)
Because à lot of their mothers have been with Albanians! Albus = white, and their grandmothers with turcs! So you have slavic turc albanian mixture!
Albert Kastrioti (2 months ago)
The genetic people of Serbian people is about 80% Turkish 20%Gypsy from Russia 😂
Kazem Roudsari (2 months ago)
Like to go there my bucket list girls wait I’ll be there 😃😃
lucas bolek (2 months ago)
That moment when your making a 650S GTR LM and put a Serbian plate on it and wonder what the women look like *sighs*
Woffel W (1 month ago)
Albanian women are so gorgeous and beautiful! They are more beautiful than serb women! Btw Kosovo is a Independent country Serbs Can not accept the truth!
Woffel W (1 month ago)
Victoria lily im not! You are:)
Gtamafiax (1 month ago)
Victoria lily He’s isn’t stupid. He is speaking the truth.
Victoria lily (2 months ago)
Woffel W omg shut up , lol ur so stupid
Abhishek Tyagi (3 months ago)
Who cares when you all are Caucasus nomadics.
Gabooshkah Puppet (3 months ago)
Yeah! I wonder why they are so beautiful.
SuperRasa77 (3 months ago)
Michael Lovell (3 months ago)
Because their mustaches don't come in until they're in their middle ages?
Shafiuzzaman Chowdhury (3 months ago)
I want to come to open a cofee shop.Is it possible?
Santana Pendleton (3 months ago)
Went to Belgrade a few weeks ago: Not only are the Serbian women beautiful but they also have great personalities. Serbian people are generally warm and friendly.
Lito Montejo (3 months ago)
They are beautiful and also they having good behavior most of them.
Kazimierz Bujakiewicz (3 months ago)
We are all mixed and we should accept that and just be happy, like one lady in this vid said... 👍❤️
Ok umm which one is beautiful 😂
Jafar Askari (3 months ago)
Wow٫so beautifull ang gorgeous girls i became very passionate and interested to date a serbian girl for my life partner..i hope to fine a honest،loyal،caring and kindheartd girl.
Mo Sarwar (3 months ago)
Eduardo Gavino (3 months ago)
Women in Serbia are excellent beautiful considering their personal aspect, pure heart and character. I like Servian Lady. Cheer
KING PHENOM (3 months ago)
Hajde Kurva serbe hajaja
thegilmoreguy (3 months ago)
How to get random pretty women to talk to you in public: Ask them why their so beautiful while holding a camera. **** note to self 📝 👍😊❤️🙌🏻
eric dubois (3 months ago)
puno srbkinje obazavaju, tamne i muslimanske momke, u parizu pola srbkinje su sa arapima, i uzeli muslimansku vijeru, ali nemo gu da vide nase seljace, neka evo dolazi njim islam i korane nek ji silovaju i bio koji konji... Мушкарци су владари за супруге, због изврсности коју Аллах конечноје једни другима, као и трошак који они зарађују за своју робу. оданост, заштити, чак и у тајности оно што га Аллах заштићена. и за оне чији део који се плаше непослушност, адмонисх их и напустити их у својим креветима, и тукли их. Ако дођу до вас послушају, Не гледај конечноље против њих, Аллах живи, високо, сјајоднако, заиста! Кур'ан 4:34 Што се тиче лопова и лопова конечно смањи обе руке у надокнаду за оно што су зарадили, казна од Аллаха. Аллах је Моћни, Мудри." Кур'ан 5:38 Исплата оних који воде рат против Аллаха и Његовог Посланика и настоје конечно неред на земљи је конечно су погубљени либо разапети, либо конечно је њихов је прошао руком и супротном ногом, либо нека буду протерани са Земље: ово је срамота овог света за њих, а у конечнољем тексту им је громадна казна. " Кур'ан 5:33 Ако се бојите конечно не поступате према сирочадима, ожените супруге по вашем избору, два либо три либо четири; али ако се бојите конечно их нећете моћи тачно третирати, онда би само један, либо заробљеници у вашој десној руци, боље конечно вас спречите конечно извршите неправду. Кур'ан 4: 3 А што се тиче оних ваших супруга које очекују више правила: Ако сумњате, онда њихов рок је три сателита Исто тако за оне који још увек нису правило: и за оне који су у другом 100њу .. они су за појам где леже своје оптерећење, али онај ко се плаши Аллаху ће му пружити лакоћу у свом послу. " Кур'ан 65: 4 Ако се бојите конечно не поступате према сирочадима, ожените супруге по вашем избору, два либо три либо четири; али ако се плашите нису у 100њу конечно (у) се праведно, онда само један, либо заробљеници који своју десну руку поседује, лупило би боље конечно вас спречи у томе неправду. Кур'ан 4: 3 "Хо Посланик конечно, ми смо се законито конечно ти своје супруге којима сте дали њихова плата части, они такође робови у свом поседу Аллах вам је дао као плијен, тако конечно су кћери својега мајке тетке, и кћери твоје ујака, и кћери ваших мајки тетке, -Ти који је емигрирао у својој компанији, -као и верске супруга која ју је поклонила Посланику, ако се Посланик жели конечно се уда са њеном привилегијом за вас искључујући вернике, - " Кур'ан 33:50
Branko Lisic (3 months ago)
Poznajem u Trogir i okolici 4 žene iz derbije ok žene dobre realne pristojbe udate kod nas fino žive svi ih poštuju nema problema dođe im i rodbina pa mi navalom na ženski dio šta ćeš to nam u krvi dalmacija odmah galebarenje
Branko Lisic (3 months ago)
Da su zgodne zgodne su stvarno ali nisu pretjerano zanimljive kbg žive u vukojebini nisu krive za to
Branko Lisic (3 months ago)
Because they are mix of tjrkish slava iliric
Adriatik Laci (3 months ago)
They stand out because the man are shit. And they Russians really
Zubain Akbar (3 months ago)
0:30 the most dumbest logic i ve ever heard in my entire life.
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (3 months ago)
Красивая 😍
Maus anton (3 months ago)
Beautiful naturally faces......
chromospheres (3 months ago)
No Croatia women more beautiful.
Queen Bitch (3 months ago)
not beautiful, they look like subhumans and serbia looks like a gypsies armpit. Russian/ukrainian is better looking, sorry u were raped by big nose turks dears, but shit happens i guess.
Adamče (3 months ago)
Queen Bitch nope not what happened and Serbian woman are beautiful
Dave Kessel (3 months ago)
Beautiful but are they available?
Abdul Muhid (3 months ago)
They are  of  mixed cultures and with  different races  and  also  what they  eat  as  food is the definite answers. Thank  You.
Adamče (3 months ago)
Abdul Muhid I eat Serbian food and rarely food from other countries unless pizza, and I'm Serbian
B Jordan (4 months ago)
Girl in black top at 1:38 is gorgeous!!!
Anton Fernando (4 months ago)
love to bring one of them to canada.
Laki29 (4 months ago)
Dictaphone with sponge on it LOL
MD MAHAFUZ (4 months ago)
Your comment is so beautiful.your are good woman aren't laughable woman.so you are great.
gibanica (4 months ago)
Turci silovatelji ispadose...kako ste glupe samo sunce ti jebem
Şenol Şenol (4 months ago)
Serbian Women is the best from istanbul.
Jesus Pineda (4 months ago)
Beautiful girl
Doug Stillborn (4 months ago)
Some are shape shifting reptilians 1:19 slow the playback down to 0.25 and look at her eyes blink
Tom Butthurt (4 months ago)
Because of whiteness
Adamče (3 months ago)
Tom Butthurt Serbians aren't white, we are olive skinned, do some research dumbass before you call us white
MICHAEL boyd (4 months ago)
Toaster _ (4 months ago)
serbian people are not mixed with the Turkish!
Judge Dredd (4 months ago)
turks are filth! islamic filth!
Adamče (3 months ago)
Judge Dredd they are Serbs like me dumbass we have no relevance with the Turks we are Slavic like Russia and Croatia
K Veneris (4 months ago)
Joke-they are far from beautiful but they are rarely overweight. I will give them credit for that.
1947DFC (4 months ago)
Hahah u guys are forgetting that turks ottomans have raped and fucked you for years haha . Respect to these girls who know what’s up !
Adamče (3 months ago)
1947DFC why haha? Dumbass, and I'm a Serbian boy who looks nothing like a turk

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