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Favourite Hairstyles | Men Long Hair

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These are my current favourite ways to style my hair. Great for the low maintenance doggo or tired pupper All you need for these hairstyles is a few hair ties and nothing else! A+ for easiness ☾ thank you for your support senpai has noticed you ☽ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ­- - - - - - - - - VLOGGING CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/c/2ndedvasian - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ­- - - - - - - - - » SOCIAL MEDIA « ✘ Instagram: @edvasian ✘ Twitter: @edvasian ✘ Snapchat: edvasian ✘ Tumblr: edvasian.tumblr.com ✘ Facebook: www.facebook.com/Edvasian » MUSIC « Song: Feeling Good Artist: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired
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Text Comments (147)
Edvasian (1 year ago)
are you more like pupper or doggo?
sonai wyche (1 year ago)
i dont know why, but when your hair is on shoulder length you look like a prince just plain pretty boy. but now you look like a girl Reply
Chugalicious Haze (1 year ago)
definitely keep the wavy/curly hair looks bomb af
Hadrien Chalard (1 year ago)
Edvasian (1 year ago)
+Hadrien Chalard declaration of war lol
shabana padela (1 month ago)
You are girl
Victória Moraes (2 months ago)
You are so pretty I CAN'T
Shawn James (3 months ago)
Pains me that gorgeous hair is gone but I know it’ll be back
Shawn James (3 months ago)
In maybe 4-5 years
Shawn James (3 months ago)
I’ll miss you samurai chan
Praneet R (1 year ago)
I think my hair is like 3x as long lol
gamingturtle64 (1 year ago)
are you gay, bisexual or straight
Unsui123 (1 year ago)
You are amazingly cute. The wavy hair is beautiful.
exploring with donald (1 year ago)
I'm currently growing my hair out long haha it's at medium length
Year of the ox (1 year ago)
Do you trim your hair
سوري وافتخر (1 year ago)
my day is so bad 🌚🌚
V Grazz (1 year ago)
you legit look like a female
Asia (1 year ago)
daaaaaam omg mais c'est télement sexy un mec asiatique avec un chignon ou avec les cheveux long 😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😍 😍😍😍😍😍
Pakkun Takahashi (1 year ago)
Tiens un francais dans le coin :P Le plus dur c'est de laisser pousser faut s'en foutre de l'avis des autres, après faut aussi avoir des cheveux assez épais (de la consistance) fin comme de ma brindille ca fait pas très beau... Sans oublier le visage y a des personnes ca va à merveille comme Ed et d'autre non
Aszhaan Smith (1 year ago)
Curly hair on you makes you look kool. Wear it curly more often! 😎
Alice Ström (1 year ago)
Your hair is so nice curly
Verónica m (1 year ago)
Men with long hair are going to go to heaven :3
he really looks like a girl
Lynette Embry (1 year ago)
you should wear it more often its super cute
Lynette Embry (1 year ago)
its so cute on you
Anisha Cunningham (1 year ago)
dude! you are so fucking sexy like hell!! ugh!! I WANT YOU!!!!!
abhinu balachandran (1 year ago)
u..a boy???!!!!!
Sotiris Krol (1 year ago)
He's a martian
Annie Key (1 year ago)
i love your look, theres nothing better than guys with long hair <3 love it
N & T (1 year ago)
You should get a septum nose ring! It would look really good and it would make an awesome video!
Abhishek B (1 year ago)
was watching your video from 1 year ago, u had rectangular glasses, now u have circular glasses, u have round face. Rectangular glasses compliment ur round face whereas the circular glasses with your round face looks odd and not so fresh. Rectangular ones COMPLIMENT YOUR FACE (YOU LOOK WAY MUCH CUTER IN THEM)...
La Frenzy (1 year ago)
Bro just cut ur hair already or change something up a bit
Alfie Lee (1 year ago)
You have inspired my to try and actually grow my hair like yours! I have tried before but I gave up but now I'm determind to try and actually grow my hair
Kevin Le (1 year ago)
the feeling when you watch Edvasian hair tutorial and i was like i have longer hair than him. BUT WAIT i looked at date and it said 2 YEARS AGO :D. o my lord that's a long ass hair ED BOI
GM (1 year ago)
what haircut did you start growing out your hair with looking at your time laspe Vids seemed your bangs or top hair is already long . before you started growing .
Er sieht sehr Feminim aus
Gabriel Angel (1 year ago)
develop srong (1 year ago)
Do you suggest a shampoo for me because my hair looks like dim.
MvndMaedchen 0910 (1 year ago)
you look better than girls XD you're so wow , so pretty omO
Sky Up In The Sky (1 year ago)
saran sriya (1 year ago)
all the hairstyles are simply superb and you please keep on make more videos i specially liked braid hairstyle btw you looks cute and innoncent
Mindevous (1 year ago)
How tall are you? Btw love your videos
Yeong-min Bae (1 year ago)
So glad I found your channel. I'm also really androgynous and have hair almost to my waist. Every now and then, I get this urge to cut it off, but NOOOOO I grew it long for a reason! But I don't know if long hair looks good on me or not. Since I have an oblong face, I have a fringe and it makes me look just like a girl. Not necessarily a bad thing, I guess.
Ariel Perez (1 year ago)
So so pretty
Melanie R-F (1 year ago)
You look so good with long hair! Im jelly
ziljin (1 year ago)
if every man had long hair like this.........
Joona Makkonen (1 year ago)
curly fits you so much better!
J.S. Spaulding (1 year ago)
My day is going better now, you always cheer me up
Dokidokicreativity (1 year ago)
Curly the best <3 Ed are you my male version :'D ? Joke- Love this video !
Iotonic (1 year ago)
omg u have a tumblr i love you ILOVEYOU now i can use ut hair as reference :"))
Harley Jean (1 year ago)
You are so CUTE! stop being so cute!! 😅
Regie Devall (1 year ago)
yass! i love those hairstyles i'm the same as you, lazy but also want different hairstyles :P
katrina julie (1 year ago)
In boxers braids u look like a girl.
yenyen (1 year ago)
I'm sick af but watching your videos lessens the pain :')
Eko Yoga (1 year ago)
Dont cut your longhair, ok ?!
Matthew Kuchinski (1 year ago)
Awesome! You look like a samurai of old.
Duc Anh Nguyen (1 year ago)
How tall is he?
Jack Russo (1 year ago)
Duc Anh Nguyen 5'7"
KiKi (1 year ago)
You're so attractive❤ I don't understand?😫
Sofia Källström (1 year ago)
I love you so much. Do you love me?? 💝
Dylan M (1 year ago)
The wavy hair looks awesome!!!
050156jg (1 year ago)
I've said it before and I'll say it again. You really rock the hair down and loose ( straight or waved) Peace out!
Hadrien Chalard (1 year ago)
Straight hair gone curly is one of the best looking type of hair IMO. Looking great Ed!
PandaLover1912 (1 year ago)
Ed why is your hair so gorgeous?! xD Lyyy ♥ Also my day was good, I had to look after little year 1's (5-6 year olds) instead of going to morning lessons B))) Yours? (:
Motorsport News (1 year ago)
Love this
entirelyunlike (1 year ago)
omg the two braids! loved that look. i think i prefer straight hair on you, but the wavy one looks nice too (:
J.C. Alvarado (1 year ago)
The curly hair looks really nice on you!
Elida Silva (1 year ago)
My favorite hair style is the "I'm a scientist so I need all of this mess out of my face if I don't want it to smell like algae and fish guts bun"
Skaði Bifröst (1 year ago)
I recently started putting thicker padawan braids on both sides and letting the rest of the hair hang loose, looks not too bad lol.
Ed Schramm (1 year ago)
This curly texture is giving me life. 10/10 would want to see it again.
Deer Science (1 year ago)
Hi Ed, I've been watching you since one and a half year and decided to grow my hair out during this laps of time and it turned pretty darn good :) thx for your tips and tricks with long hair. It helps a lot ^^. btw your hair in this video looks amazing ;)
TrueAnarkii (1 year ago)
hey love the your videos!! was wondering what brand or style your glasses are there so awesome?
Sakura Moon (1 year ago)
If the voice actor for Tina is ever sick, call in Edvasian. $$$$
Nivetha (1 year ago)
yooo bro do u have the link for the limp bizkit break stuff remix u had playing in ur samurai hairstyle tutorial?
Edvasian (1 year ago)
+Nakkeeran Srivasan I always put the link to the music in the description of the video!
Codjoker12312 I (1 year ago)
Let somebody do your hair I think it will be a good video
olivia joelle (1 year ago)
he just did that for a previous video
Bai Lou Yin (1 year ago)
Your hair looks really good curly/wavy
Gary Noone (1 year ago)
Love the wavy hair! Never saw that on you before.
Gary Noone (1 year ago)
Like the wavy hair! Never saw that on you before.
Coul Lifestyle (1 year ago)
Hair envy
k0lyaz (1 year ago)
Were completely opposite, i can't sleep with my hair down, it wraps around my neck or face, not only feeling uncomfortable but it makes everything its touching, sooo hot especially in the hot summer nights in Australia
Manis Iman (1 year ago)
I'm kinda jealous cause your hair is longer than mine and I'm a girl
Noah Reynolds (1 year ago)
hey! how can I tell if my face or stature would work with longer hair?
rickiex (1 year ago)
haha nice! ive been growing mines for about a year. curly and down to my shoulder. does alot of people stare at you for having long hair? they sure do look at me alot
Yuu (1 year ago)
You talk like a 14 yr old girl
Heinz Blöd (8 months ago)
has to rename in edgaysian
Sotiris Krol (1 year ago)
yuu he is one
Yuu (1 year ago)
I hope you enjoy the rest of your day bai bai~
Axel (1 year ago)
hi ed it's axel i'm from Belgium. Ty for your videos it's inspire me to grow my hair since 24 month, and i really enjoy it ! Love the way your hair look on this video. my hair come greasy on the third day is it ok to wash it or better to wait 1 day more? see you
Edvasian (1 year ago)
if your hair is starting to get greasy then you can wash it! just don't wash it every single day
wldlvndr (1 year ago)
ayyy that dance tho 😂
Alice Hwang (1 year ago)
we have the same hairstyles except im a girl LOL
paigey skrrt (1 year ago)
doggo 4 the win bc a pupper can b a doggo but a doggo can't b a pupper, animal inclusivity is cool
Edvasian (1 year ago)
would that be called a puppo or a pupperino?
moko chan (1 year ago)
try doing female hairstyles next please
cody hughes (1 year ago)
Edvasian (1 year ago)
Bárbara Lorenz (1 year ago)
Ed, why are you so boyfriend material?
Laura Nuka (4 months ago)
Spaghetti 😄
Spaghetti (1 year ago)
i wouldnt to date a guy that's prettier than me i will be pARANOID THAT SOME GRILLS ARE OUT TO STEAL MY MAN
josep_ (1 year ago)
The wavy hair is really nice! Thumbs up from me! ^_^
Sarang (1 year ago)
I'm late lmao 😂
Jerry Aguirre (1 year ago)
Curly hair looks great!
KakashiXSupreme (1 year ago)
Eyes look so dead, literally me!
Edvasian (1 year ago)
that's what happens when you spend 90% of your life looking at meEmes
Keido Kindness (1 year ago)
I really appreciate how your skin glows in this video gorl yus
Edvasian (1 year ago)
it's cause my flesh was hydrated and I used 20 different skincare products haha
voreworthy (1 year ago)
the curly hair is ur cutest look so far
Edvasian (1 year ago)
aww thank u ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ
Rudy (1 year ago)
These are sick Ed! gg boii
Edvasian (1 year ago)
(۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ
Sweetpeachpunch (1 year ago)
Pupper bork bork
Edvasian (1 year ago)
doggo boof boof
JaynelleZeus (1 year ago)
i am def a pupper and your cornrows/braids to curls/waves reminded me of how elliott(jellyfish) does his hair. he's actually how i found ur channel.
Edvasian (1 year ago)
ya he wears his hair like this very often! it suits him 👍
The Good Sis (1 year ago)
in another video can you try well if you want, can you try like a middle part like one where the sides go behind your back? pls ty
The Good Sis (1 year ago)
let me explain it simply can you try a middle part with your normal like straight hair?
The Good Sis (1 year ago)
Edouard Gay (1 year ago)
I was wondering what was I going to watch before going to sleep and u came outta nowhere, you're always making my day, keep up the good work, loving it 😊😌👌🔥 (Btw I live in France so it's 3am at the moment)
Edouard Gay (1 year ago)
Edvasian nvm you make me happy lmao
Edvasian (1 year ago)
hahaha sorry for making you even more sleep deprived
やみ (1 year ago)
HNNNGHHH I love you ed ♡
Edvasian (1 year ago)
Mace Crawford (1 year ago)
love your hair.. seems like the longer my hair gets it seems like my part keeps on being in the middle by nature, but I always had a side part. is that natural that my hair does that?
ieatbaconstrips (1 year ago)
Phone wallpaper is from Spirited Away in case anyone was wondering
George Antonio (1 year ago)
Saludos desde mexico
Saiakaa (1 year ago)
Wow! First time I've seen your hair a bit curly. I thought you had natural straight hair. I'm doing fine btw I hope you are doing good. And you explained yourself but too lazy to backspace......... Hmm I should wear my hair down more. Thanks for the hairstyles. I'm a bit shy on my awkward long hair for wearing it down since it doesn't really go over my back atm. It's just hanging at the sides and looks poofy. 7:27 <3 Also you question my sexuality for being so DAM HANDSOME 8D

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