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Bjork - My Funny Valentine (Rare Song)

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laurent Guillon (6 days ago)
Superbe interprétation , l'arrangement est magnifique, je trouve les critiques un peu facile se frotter a ce standard n'est pas évident
SlothBroth (1 year ago)
I'm not a fan of it.. she kind of just shouts/throws her voice at some parts.. her whole aesthetic just doesn't really work with this song. That being said, I guess I could maybe see why people could like this cover? It's kinda growly, even without the bad quality. Which I guess could be cool for those who like that. Though in my opinion she kind of just sounds like a child singing it...
Fed Up (1 year ago)
WTF am I listening to...she sounds retarded!
Fábio GHILARDI (1 year ago)
Oww for people that doesn't like her english accent, not everyone is a native english speaker. Just respect, enjoy the differences and Björk's musical geniality :)
John Amaral (1 year ago)
Lovely song. Beautiful picture of Bjork. Thanks.
Demonio (1 year ago)
Thi's a cover of a song from Maysa, a brasilian singer ♥
Andrea F. (1 year ago)
Charlie Charlie (1 year ago)
This is horrible Bjork. Just shouted in parts. It's an intimate love song, you'd drive him away for sure with this singing/shouting.
Steve Sharples (2 years ago)
why why kill so such a stunning son -to me one of the worst versions of this wonderful song - the sounds like a lady from the tap room on a saturday night with hubby
harri hiltunen (2 years ago)
good singer....
debb beck (2 years ago)
My funny valentine Sweet comic valentine You make me smile with my heart Your looks are laughable Unphotographable Yet your my favorite work of art Is your figure less than Greek? Is your mouth a little weak? When you open it to speak Are you smart? But don't change your hair for me Not if you care for me Stay, little Valentine, stay Each day is Valentine's Stay Valentine Each day is Valentine, my Valentine Each day is Valentine's day Songwriters: LORENZ HART, RICHARD RODGER
Nikos Theodossou (1 year ago)
come on sweetheart we know you better..
Wormhole Times (2 years ago)
when you open it to speak are you smart? not "open up to speak are you smiiiiiiiliiiiing" guess Bjork is not
gawky_angel (2 years ago)
Where has this song been? Loves it
Leo H (2 years ago)
so beautiful jazzwomen !:)
Isabella Coelho (2 years ago)
not bad, just dont like it.
Narayani A (2 years ago)
Wow I have listen to her other stuff and I may confess I never liked her but , this just allows me to see that she has such beautiful talent , beautiful, beautiful voice
renard parano (3 years ago)
Simply the best cover i have heard yet...
Animeand Waffles (1 year ago)
renard parano listen to Alice fredenham's cover then
art-line Artwork (3 years ago)
at johnny your'e reaction is horrendously stupid not needed , bjork sings in her own way , she honors a great artist Chet baker
chiefredbottom (3 years ago)
This is more heartfelt than any other song I know, Jackass!!!
Leb Gold (3 years ago)
Oh dear............
PNEUMONIA (3 years ago)
fellow111411 (3 years ago)
Sorry. She does not sing from her heart and therefore lacks of feeling. Shouting means nothing.
Ernest Walker (8 months ago)
She isn't African.she has a different kind of soul music
Guilherme Gonçalves (1 year ago)
Oh man, you couldn't be more wrong. Maybe this specific cover was not that good for you. But some of her songs have the highest possible amount of feeling and heart you can imagine. Just listen to Pagan Poetry, or Joga, or Lionsong or so many others...
Stenheart (4 years ago)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 <3 <3
Stenheart (4 years ago)
each day is Valentine day <3 <3 <3
fairydustmermaid (4 years ago)
This is awful... just horrible
david. (1 year ago)
no appreciation
Maximo Atalán (1 year ago)
Animeand Waffles (1 year ago)
fairydustmermaid Right
Diana Sandia (4 years ago)
Happy VD.
Al Speid (4 years ago)
And later on, Tricky (someone who dated Bjork) will do a song by he same name.
LeCaptainCranky (5 years ago)
Rare Song ?! LOL ! Buy the album... !
Niesrind (4 years ago)
So what official album has this "my funny valentine" version on it?
o mundo das lilas (5 years ago)
Phillip Johnson (5 years ago)
Bjork is wired for sound. Her technique may not always be academic but stylistically undeniable. She must be a musical genius. Only endless drive and dedication would have opened the world of high end production performance. As a front woman and her brand name is respected because of her serious professionalism. Today I'm a new Bjork fan.
David Williams (5 years ago)
I have nothing against Gaga, I just don't understand why just about every Bjork video has Gaga comments, I think Gaga is more like Madonna than Bjork.
peeblo flameball (5 years ago)
I'm sorry fans.Who likes this shit?
Tomguild1 (5 years ago)
It is a Rodgers and Hart song, a showtune.
David Christie (5 years ago)
Listen carefully to her heart...then Chet Baker's version...they share the flesh of the song :)
jmtothemusic (5 years ago)
her voice is very different, i like it! but i don't like the interpretation of the song.
Rob Sacks (6 years ago)
I'll tell you exactly how, and it's probably the same way I got here: Chet Baker. Someone who actually sang this proper. I mean, great for her. She's lauded for success. But I honestly feel like this sounds like crap. She sounds good in her higher register, but she's no alto like she means to be in this recording. That's what this chart is written for. Someone with a dark, low, alto or baritone voice. Not a soprano.
therelaxationstation (6 years ago)
One of my favourite songs, sung by my favourite artist....It's just too Björkicious for me to handle... Thank-You so much for sharing this, hearing it has made me very happy :)
Gabriel Rigby (6 years ago)
Yesterday, I saw Björk in my University Library. Yes, I'm at Reykjavik ♥
MrCesaradrianer (6 years ago)
Cool, it's kinda funny and sad at the same time.
rvlynch9 (6 years ago)
what planet the fuck are you from?
treadstoneoperation (6 years ago)
this song is treasure
David Williams (6 years ago)
I'm sorry to inform you that for mentioning Lady Gaga your banned from Bjork video's for a period of two weeks.
Baritone45 (6 years ago)
I'll take that as an emphatic "no". Guess it was just her interpretation of the darkness of Miles Davis' rendition of this song that led her to sound so dis-melodic and language-challenged.
David Williams (6 years ago)
Björk possesses a soprano vocal range. Her vocal range covers three octaves, going from F3 to E6. She has been nominated for 12 Grammy Awards, 1 Academy Award and 2 Golden Globe Awards. Classical composer John Tavener has praised Björk as being "more intelligent than most opera singers", music critic Alex Ross has cited Björk as one of the most gifted voices nowadays. NPRadio counted Björk among its list of "50 Great Voices" and MTV included her on its countdown "22 Greatest Voices in Music".
Criss Yeah (6 years ago)
fuck gaga!
izaak mccullough (6 years ago)
@Baritone45 you must be deaf or have a pathetic taste in music. Actually I'm curious, how the fuck did you get to this video?
James Tocher (6 years ago)
I wish she used a better microphone to record her voice. Such a beautiful voice corrupted by distortion when she hits the high notes... x
Cantiqua Nova (6 years ago)
Could be, not sure. Nice though :)
Cantiqua Nova (6 years ago)
Nice :) I like the photo used for this video
Baritone45 (6 years ago)
Ummm, I'm glad it does something positive for someone, but other than the musicians behind her, it sounds awful to me. Ok, I do hear passion in her voice, but does she always sound like a deaf person with autism when she tries to sing English?
archie977 (6 years ago)
god canot be seen god is the se er
cat nip (6 years ago)
Beautiful picture & equally beautiful song. Great to see Bjork cover a jazz standard.
OogieBoogieFan (6 years ago)
@xXxTwiggyzLovexXx "It" would be sufficient, pieface :]
melatonin (6 years ago)
@OogieBoogieFan *EHREM* <-- (Whatever the fuck that's supposed to sound like) Stop bitching about the smallest thing, grammar nazi. Besides, I used it because I don't know whether it's a FEMALE or MALE that disliked the video. So, um, shut the fuck up, smartass. :]
OogieBoogieFan (6 years ago)
@xXxTwiggyzLovexXx *EHREM* There's no them or their, since there's only one dislike. Your argument is invalid.
melatonin (6 years ago)
@kmfdmslut There's one dislike. Let's go hunt 'em down and kick their ass!
melatonin (6 years ago)
I wish Bjork was my Mommy. :C
walteredstates (6 years ago)
@gitanajourney > F***n oath! my thoughts and sentiments exactly.
Speak your own truth (6 years ago)
zero dislikes!!! fucking awesome!
pandora (6 years ago)
Her voice is so incredibly strong. It overpowers the instruments at times but also compliments them so well.
angelique hardy (7 years ago)
Frank Sinatra's version is also pretty good.
Kominko Gordon (7 years ago)
Are My Favorite Work Of Art!!!!
GoddessCarma (7 years ago)
I have always love the original. I love her cover of this song.
xXBronzedBalletXx (7 years ago)
@gitanajourney This comment needs to be in a book somewhere.
squishmeify (7 years ago)
@123jsbach hhahaah Shakespeare gets pretty nasty too towards the end of the sonnet. However I won't try to convince you otherwise about the "laughable looks" as I agree...I'd never date anyone who I thought their looks are laughable... and never have I considered someone looks laughable either. Just, I know of people who considered that and I can see what message the song writer was trying to convey. Anyhow, you should check out ella fitzgerald's version.. nothing beats her.
Gusty85 (7 years ago)
@madsketcher I guess so, I got a this song on a bootleg, but this version is much better. But i think she only did one concert with Gling Gló or maybe it was very few concerts cause one of the bandmembers died from cancer quite suddendly. Björk would not preform the Gling Gló album after that.....
squishmeify (7 years ago)
@123jsbach hahaha one of my friend has! But his personality and the chemistry overcame that. The song is just saying that although you're able to pick every single flaw in the other person, you're still able to accept them for who they are. It's like Shakespeare's" My Mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun"- you don't aim for perfection because no human is perfect.
watwatwatt (7 years ago)
@123jsbach I think it was more in comparison with models on magazines, hence the "unphotographable"
yukio84 (7 years ago)
lovely performance
Annabel Blabla (7 years ago)
@123jsbach I am. My bf is not very attractive but I still love him to bits. I'm attracted to his personality
Librosphere (7 years ago)
My favorite singer <3 love her
madsketcher (7 years ago)
Is this from her Gling-Glo days?
JoTenshi (7 years ago)
beauty ^^

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