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Julia Stegner Victoria's Secret Runway Walk Compilation 2005 - 2011 HD

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This video presents small fragments of video of the participation of the beautiful model Julia Stegner in the catwalk of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that goes from the year 2005 until 2011. Este video presenta pequeños fragmentos de video de la participación de la bella modelo Julia Stegner en la pasarela del Victoria's Secret Fashion Show que va desde el año 2005 hasta el 2011.
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Text Comments (12)
Mozart Herbert (4 months ago)
When she smiles she lights up the whole room, so lovely <3
Maťa Nekorancová (5 months ago)
Almost every year Julia got weird long skirt... I dont understand it
Tiffany Tran (4 months ago)
VS used to always give Julia the couture outfits as she very statuesque.
LETICIA MARQUES (8 months ago)
this walk is spetacular
Sweta Carvalho (8 months ago)
Love her
I love her smile very much 😍
Renzo Rivera Valdivia (1 year ago)
2:03 lol poor Julia, it looks like those wings are way too heavy for her. Pretty giro but she has a really bad posture.
Carlos Eduardo M. (1 year ago)
2010 Was a terrible year for her she looks really skinny, really bad! but great model
gain al (3 months ago)
The bang does not suit her.
kamila Ford (1 year ago)
Carlos Eduardo M. I think it may have just been the outfits she was wearing, both were corsets.
Sean Speaks (1 year ago)
Julia will always be a runway angel. ❤

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