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[Cuts] 120529 miss A Suzy - News Selected Tran @ Drama "BIG" Press Conference

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Some Suzy's saying translation and other mention Suzy in "Big" Press conference. Hope it will help a little..^^;;; - Suzy "I want to challenge the variety of roles, although with tension I will enjoy it" - "I play the role of Mary who with the unpredictable actions of fear. Because of this role's charm, it will be very interesting. it's very pleasant to shoot. - "Please look forward to my radical 'stone child' acting. (PS: stone child, is "idol" upside down to "dol-I", from the infinite challenges, Meaning "crazy children" - "Be a Singer and a actress, I want to do well in both things. - "Read the script just as the toilet paper that level, practice it with my maximum extent possibility. - "Four-dimensional character acting, In fact, it's my potential personality. - "I am unable to predict the course the drama will follow. Even though it is unpredictable it is full of fun and that's where it has its charm. I enjoyed filming the show, it was fun to shoot." - Baek Sung Hyun "Suzy is a Sponge-like actress, director taught her one point, then she can realize ten sequences" "I was skeptical at Suzy's acting skill at the first. But after I see it, she's very smart, teach her ​​a little then she can understand all, just like sponge. (He means Suzy has great intellectual ability.) - Lee Min Jung "Even I would love Suzy if I were a man. She is a really cute, sweet, and hardworking friend" News From "Spot TV".
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WhoCares WhoIAm (1 year ago)
수지 진짜 매력적이다...
Queen AQ (5 years ago)
wow love suzy ,, she is very like a doll "^^ beauty suzy^^
Queen AQ (5 years ago)
ShinZy couple from this drama ^^
axonie23 (6 years ago)
is there a video where baeksunghyun talk about suzy based on the trans that u gave? :)
alyna bae (6 years ago)
c iz d god gift <3<3
fan2pmlovery (6 years ago)
Suzy i love she.She so beautyful very very much.^__^
Karla Kim (6 years ago)
oh thank you!~
Akay Serrano (6 years ago)
gong yoo
Karla Kim (6 years ago)
Suzy is soo beautiful here~ Also, he is from Coffee prince, i dont remember his name, but I love him~ XDD
blueblossom2223 (6 years ago)
suzy !
Hyun Ha (6 years ago)
iheart_soshi (6 years ago)
oh thanks for the trans.. suzy unni really do her best in everything<3 SUZY FIGHTING!!
1soomuchA (6 years ago)
thank you for the translation.... it really help me :) Suzy soooooooo adorable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PrincesseAngelique (6 years ago)
thank you!!!!! :D

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