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Dating Site For 'Ugly' People?

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Ben Mankiewicz (filling in for Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks) and Ana Kasparian discuss a website called Ugly Bug Ball, a dating service for the "aesthetically challenged." The site is in the news because it boasts its first engagement between Tom Clifford and Janine Walker. Ben has an interesting theory about their "relationship." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/10/29/ugly-bug-ball-dating-website_n_776077.html
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Text Comments (524)
mary conlon (1 month ago)
Take off all the makeup girls wear these days and they will look even more beautiful
Frozen gamer (2 days ago)
mary conlon Yes take everything off
Colton Ludwig (2 months ago)
Jay (4 months ago)
I applied for the ugly people dating site got accepted but i still haven't found a mate
Ruby Cubez (6 months ago)
Men say that looks dont matter. It how a person is on the inside. Thats bullshit. You can be the greatest person in the world but if there is no physical attraction, theyre quick to ignore
mary conlon (1 day ago)
Ruby Cubez truth 👏🏼
Lee M. (8 months ago)
I'm sure only the women need to be beautiful.
Saif Madni (9 months ago)
The majority of people say Im the ugliest human they ever set eyes on. Any girl I dare ask laughs me off and then tells her friends how insulting that was. Im probably the ugliest human ever to exist sadly for genetics. Even people I help eventually leave once they realize how ugly I am :(. Just hope death approaches soon.
denise surber (2 months ago)
There are many ways to be ugly. Those "pretty" girls you want to date, who laugh at you, are very ugly people. They are cruel and judgemental and enjoy inflicting pain on others. Their looks will fade eventually. They'll make a mission out of trying desperately to get them back. They put all importance into something they can't keep. People like that are superficial and really aren't happy or secure in themselves. People like you are better off. You have heart and empathy. That's more important than looks to lots of people. The Bible says not to be weary in well doing for in due season you will be rewarded. Don't give up.
-50 IQ 1000 EGO (3 months ago)
Im sure your pretty in your own way
-50 IQ 1000 EGO (3 months ago)
Dont say that
Queen Alyaa (1 year ago)
That’s so mean and rude
jamezzz jozeph (1 year ago)
a site like this shouldnt exist
Postal Dude (1 year ago)
jamezzz jozeph but it’s how the world is hot people are accepted . No matter if they’re assholes
Sheila Njeri (1 year ago)
Cool Cat (1 year ago)
Ben ...don't even think about the beautiful people website....save yourself the grief ! You're not Quasimodo ...but your personality is annoying and it affects your looks !
define.stego.772 (2 years ago)
this is sad, like people should be equal and not judged by there looks, but there should be a site for personalities.
Crazy Chick35 (10 months ago)
define.stego.772 no.
Sheila Njeri (1 year ago)
ikr,,,,,they claim they are soooo ugly yet they haven't seen themselves
Kai Decadence (1 year ago)
Hmm who's to say you know? I mean, would it be different if you were considered attractive from the start and thus, you'd only want to be with conventionally, societal attractive men (muscles, Ryan Gosling face, etc.)? Who knows? But you like what you like now and that's fine.
Pianoman 70s style (2 years ago)
Bad fake English town name. Not Hampshiredire, it would be Hamdershire. Shire being like town or ton at the end of a lot of town names.
tom slick (2 years ago)
It seems like that tyt chick was fishing for people to say to her, "hey you should try out the most beautiful site, you're beautiful". It's just me, but she seems like she thinks shes hot.
Play Lists (3 years ago)
It's for cenk
J.D Brown (3 years ago)
You don't know ugly till you see me. :-D
I'm Unicorn (2 months ago)
You are beautiful, and cute. Not just saying I mean it.
Kirsty Mair (3 years ago)
yes these papers are real some are better than others but real
Samuel115s (3 years ago)
Do they have an admin for the ugly and beautiful one. I wanna test both out to see what happens.
Samuel115s (2 years ago)
This comment is old. I did test out both ages ago. I got on to beautiful people site and I also got onto the ugly one to, the ugly one actually let's anyone on, they don't have a moderator like the beautiful people site. To get onto beautiful people you have to pass a vote. Tbh the site is rubbish, plenty of fish, tinder and all the normal ones are much better.
M0N3t7 (2 years ago)
+Samuel115s Why do you want to test out both? If that is you in your photo...than Its clear you just want to be amused by the "ugly" one...>:(
hosiana yuda (3 years ago)
funny those poeple are not even ugly they just have a low self esteem
M0N3t7 (2 years ago)
+hosiana yuda I don't think that is true, they are "ugly" to a large majority of society! Why do they have so many issues with dating if its just low self esteem? There are "beautiful" people with low self esteem that still have no issues getting dates or being approached.
May Twintyfirst (4 years ago)
They are ugly! LoL!!!
Alan White (4 years ago)
Its Hampshire and if you came to Hampshire you would see why
TheBeauty (4 years ago)
@adhurimify That is stupid you didn't.
TheBeauty (4 years ago)
+deenman23 You're mean,what if that girl got a nice personality and nobody is ugly.
logic first (4 years ago)
i am  sorry man  while personality is vary important and in the long run more important then looks. The attraction is usually the reason that you asked them out and started dating said person in the first place. You can not see the true personality from the beginning. However  you can see the outside it is true that is just the way it is. 
TheBeauty (4 years ago)
There should not be a website like that and nobody is ugly.
ATOMIC ACE PUGG (1 year ago)
TheBeauty Wrong i am
americanliberal09 (4 years ago)
"sigh" Well, i knew it that dating is based on looks. So, for all the ugly people out there........Persistence is futile. :-P
Eva Lavelle (1 year ago)
and of course the woman must always be better looking and better groomed then the man
Robert DeVito (4 years ago)
The overwhelmingly majority of women in the U.S., want a tall, muscular, and handsome man in their lives.  If a man is as ugly as me, they want nothing to do with him.  Men like me who are born ugly, have no chance in life of ever being happy with a woman.  The only thing we can look forward to, is death. 
Jacinda Peters (3 months ago)
Boo hoo
Jacinda Peters (3 months ago)
Robert DeVito I'm scared of tall muscular men
adrian smith (6 months ago)
Lee M. (8 months ago)
Robert DeVito cry me va river. I'm sure you're shallow more than any woman He wants a pity ****. He cares nothing for love.
Pradip Limbu (5 years ago)
God. I’ve just become rather green with envy of my cousin. He’s actually been alone endlessly. By some luck, he has got a model to love him in no time. Just how can that be manageable? He said to me he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone beautiful said that to me… I do not remember ever seeing him so cheerful. Kind of makes me frustrated.
WHISPERED77 (5 years ago)
I'm ugly and Dark skin I need to try this website.
Berlin Wall (1 month ago)
What does dark skin have to do with it?
Eva Lavelle (1 year ago)
dark skin is hot screw anyone who say it isnt
Kami G (2 years ago)
Yeah you do.
CRA101 (5 years ago)
peny you are sick
Jamshaid Kamran (5 years ago)
I've read most of the replies however I believe that it's a sensible movie clip. My cousin wants to become excellent with gals. He gleaned a shit load from a web page called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The recommendations concerned with picking up girls through night clubs from Master Attraction got him his very first sex in about 2 years. I've been pissed however considering that I heard them all.
Davii D (5 years ago)
applied for the ugly bug ball to boost my self esteem when i get rejected... I got my acceptance email today. Fuck
Berlin Wall (1 month ago)
They accept everyone
filipina4friends (5 years ago)
facebook(dot)com/filipina4friends Completely FREE, NO payment required. Try it!
Parakrama Tennakoon (5 years ago)
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Parakrama Tennakoon (5 years ago)
I want to discover how to seduce women. My cousin has started dating a stunning woman basically because 2 months back he registered to an internet site called Master Attraction (Google it if you'd like to learn how.) I'm so jealous because I want to fall in love too. Why is it so hard? I'm going to take a peek at this Jake Ayres guy's emails to find out if it can help a person like me. Funny thing is, he previously had no luck with women. How can you change so fast? His lady's like a model!
optifog (5 years ago)
They look like brother and sister. People are attracted to similar-looking people. With Internet dating I bet a lot of people are accidentally marrying long-lost cousins.
Riste Dimov (5 years ago)
Life sucks. My cousin has started dating a stunning young woman because 60 days ago he joined a site called Master Attraction (Google it if you'd like to learn more.) I'm envious because I wish to fall madly in love as well. Why is it so difficult? I'm gonna look at this Jake Ayres man's material and figure out if it will help someone like me. Funny point is, my friend once had Zero joy with females. How could you transform so rapidly? His girl's like a model.
Riste Dimov (5 years ago)
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Minkki82 (5 years ago)
cenk's wife in the thumbnail? I KIIIIID I KIIIIIID
rockyiscol2 (5 years ago)
lol im going to join both of the sites see which one they accept me on just for fun
Bella Pop (5 years ago)
No you are Im sorry
fayrae (5 years ago)
I am looking at the true ugly right here your comment. Go ahead and justify your comment any way you can if it makes YOU feel better.
Gordon Main (5 years ago)
You know what they say - Birds of a feather flock together
Entropian2012 (5 years ago)
I actually like the old styles of women looked good I don't think it will happen again but who knows lol.
Akali Singed (5 years ago)
I found that truly helpful. I was so baffled observing my friend move from being lame to a ladies man. He went from a no-one into being incredible. He behaved as if it was natural for quite a while. He ultimately admitted it two days ago. He mentioned he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will find it... He's on a date now with a sexy girl... Lucky guy! Where are the best videos online?
SuburbanoidMisfit111 (5 years ago)
*She Did NOT have to look like a piece of plastic, my fault.
SuburbanoidMisfit111 (5 years ago)
Not so Long Ago, a man would see a well put together lady in public and admire her. She did have to look like a piece of plastic. All she had to do was look feminine, soft, graceful and wear a nice, respectable dress or skirt. Men appreciated the exotic and the plain long ago, for both the orchid and the daisy are beautiful, are they not? Now, women are pitted against each other. Who can look the fakest? It's a contest, for some, because that is all (most) men respond to now days.
SuburbanoidMisfit111 (5 years ago)
Silly folks, all us women are considered 'ugly' by most men these days unless we look like plastic, airbrushed dolls fresh from the production line. So, if you're flesh and blood and over the age of 25, yep gals, most men think we are 'ugly' by default because they have been trained to appreciate kardashian, beyonce, fox, and co. as the perfect human females. Oh, and remember to have disproportionate boobs to your body. Nothing less than 56 DDDDDDDDDDDDD will do. Yay us!
Joshua Allison (5 years ago)
there's lots of hot girls on that site.. why are they there i thought it was for fuglys ?
0deadx21 (5 years ago)
That's just a lie we tell ugly people because we feel sorry for them. It's actually pretty dishonest to call obviously ugly people beautiful. Are you saying there's no such thing as ugliness? Cuz obviously there is without a doubt.
Delontae Richardson (5 years ago)
i type in ugly people dot come its turns out its a porn-site. BE CAREFUL :(
Randall Stevenson (5 years ago)
should those two really be breeding? not to be a dick but think of the human race and nature and all
Jonathan Sherman (5 years ago)
I think she's beautiful
Eva Lavelle (1 year ago)
but actually no don't think he's too bad either neither of them are actually ugly just bit heavy
Eva Lavelle (1 year ago)
she's better looking then him but usually that's expected if you're the female in the relationship
ItIsFunnyDamnIt (5 years ago)
Vincent, You're UGLY, the world HATES you. Now quit being a whiny little bitch and get over it. You UGLY loser!!!!! ROFLMFAO X) Ugly people do not deserve to live in this world amongst the rest of us.
ItIsFunnyDamnIt (5 years ago)
That's because you're ugly. Only ugly people have a problem with this. You're fucking UGLY dude, ROFLMFAO X) LOSER
indian power sanskrit (5 years ago)
I don't like ugly people . girls who look like boys and boys who look like girls . we should think up insulting words for them .
Carl Larsen (5 years ago)
Most of these so called free dating websites are far from free. There is always a catch, con or miss representation. I have only ever found one truly free dating website, although they are quite new they are very good, definitely worth a try and great to support this honest site. date.truestate com The name says it all, Free and Truly Unlimited.
David Otero (5 years ago)
You must be ugly....It's okay
Vincent Qin (6 years ago)
Anybody who judge others by their appearance is the most ugly people in the world and would go to hell straightly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Star Marchment (6 years ago)
They were "engaged" less than a month after they met, smells a little fishy...
Ray Comfort (6 years ago)
Thought all dating sites were for ugly people...
anonymousQ45 (6 years ago)
youre kinda right in a way. there have been people who grew up ugly and somehow found the strength to change, lose weight, keep up with style. it is how you view yourself on the inside
Shock Master (6 years ago)
I'm feeling much better...
peace gardner (6 years ago)
wow they really made that omg that was peace oh how nice me tia
jelia (6 years ago)
oh god that awkward pause ;P
DZ252 (6 years ago)
LOL hell no
ultima kid (6 years ago)
If they say stuff like that, tell them "its because he actually treats me like an equal and getting into my pants isnt his main concern all the time"
30kitagreen (6 years ago)
@angedelelux you know what? they're probably jealous of how he treats you. i'd rather be broke and be with someone i love then be rich and hate who's with me. beauty is only skin deep.
Luís H. (6 years ago)
Most of my friend's keep telling me that "I'm way too beautiful for my boyfriend". What do I do?: I just don't listen to them...I listen to my heart. I absolutely LOVE my boyfriend just the way he is, and I'll never break up with him just because of his physical appearence. He's got a BEAUTIFUL heart, and THAT'S exactly what my "friends" can't see about him, so they judge him by his appearence. I consider myself lucky for being with him, as he's got some of the rarest qualities these days.
brigit mcdonnell (6 years ago)
im on 16 diff dating sits n nothing works i feel uggly now....
meadowlane37 (6 years ago)
we live in a beauty obsessed society.
Timmy Bone (7 years ago)
Cenk Uygur was host of the young turks, But then he took an arrow to the knee
Crackmandan (7 years ago)
@eljagg01 I agree 100%! I've actually had girls laugh at me when I "wink" to them. No seriously, their response was a "HAAHAA" after I showed interest. Women are downright superficial and cruel!
FlavourLikeIceCream (7 years ago)
To be honest, anyone would be ugly if they didn't brush their hair, or exercise or stuff themselves non-stop with food. A person is only ugly when they don't look after themselves.
Berlin Wall (1 month ago)
Jay Bannon Same for men
Jesse Brennan (6 months ago)
(if you're a woman)
Jesse Brennan (6 months ago)
getting rid of glasses makes you look 25% better
Eva Lavelle (1 year ago)
yes why I've said there's no such thing as truly natural beauty
RainbowPaint (7 years ago)
@Tianna220 haha
Stephiepoo (7 years ago)
Well I for one am happy for these two people should they really be together,love is a beautiful thing.
QuartyDawn (7 years ago)
@Kawp123 hmmm i know alot of beautiful ppl who are british
Kawp123 (7 years ago)
British people are naturally ugly....
JOECRIP2000 (7 years ago)
Is it just me or does that guy from the website look like Sam Kinison?
Tianna Conant (7 years ago)
What about the average people???? We gotta stick with eharmony??? lol
Isabelleparish (7 years ago)
@BraindeadFred91 Hit a nerve, now did I.
Isabelleparish (7 years ago)
It's obviously fake, I mean comeon, no one can be that ugly.
Desia Rho (7 years ago)
press 4 repeately fast it looks like a ghost is blowing her hair haha
ShyGuy19898 (7 years ago)
I dont think he's ugly he's just an average guy! What it is about him that makes him UGLY who cares if he has his hair like that or he has that extra-chin but seriously he isnt ugly he's just different like the rest of us.
xxGizmo05xx (7 years ago)
Hell No!!!! dude your FUGLY!!! hahahaha!!!!!!!!!
eljagg01 (8 years ago)
@batista777 It's not really how you think of yourself when it comes to dating- it's what other people think of you. If the vast majority of people on the dating scene think you're ugly, you usually end up alone. :)
Moionfire (8 years ago)
@MisterScottishPerson It was obviously a joke, why is it that Britons spend so much time making fun of americans, yet the minute an american makes a small joke about the UK it is a big deal. The UK media spews far more derogatory and incorrect stuf about the USA by a long shot.... So much for British humo(u)r
Moionfire (8 years ago)
@theonlyironman I am sure you are aware of all American, German, and Russian newspapers ???
Moionfire (8 years ago)
LOL at Ana saying "hell no"
Moionfire (8 years ago)
@SESSOFFICIAL Is it really that serious... He was making a joke.. Britons make fun of americans all the time...
LightAbyssion (8 years ago)
If anyone gets degraded to this point, I pity them, because they now negatively label themselves. Then, they seek belonging with other self-labeled "ugly" people. You're only "ugly" once you accept it in your reality. That's a fact.
Jotun Obsidianeyes (8 years ago)
Is it free? Now ugly people can ignore each other. 'Average' people could go there to walk amongst the ugly as their gods.
SESSOFFICIAL (8 years ago)
Ben Mankiewicz " every story in a British news paper i dont beleive, no matter which paper it is..." " is the telegraph a real paper" "Hampenshire". He is more retarded than the stories he covers but i forgot americans dont get irony. how can you have someone like this representing The Young Turks!
@upabittoolate W.E. >_>
upabittoolate (8 years ago)
@beccaotaku Call me shallow (it wouldn't be the 1st time). But damned if you don't want to spend your time with someone you enjoy looking at. I want my partner to be least as attractive as me for more than 1 reason. Do you know how bad it is to have a partner who's so insecure that she gets uptight simply because some other girl looks at you? That's not saying that attractive women aren't insecure, they sure can be. But I at least want to rule out that reason for insecurity.
upabittoolate (8 years ago)
@beccaotaku It sounds all warm, fuzzy & politically correct to say it doesn't matter. But it's not true. On a very base level, it's part of our biological intuitive to mate with people whom we find attractive. For men, fullness or breast, roundness of hip & symmetry of face are a sign of fertility & health. For women, breadth of shoulder, thickness of muscles & leanness of jaw are signs of a man who'd do well hunting for the family. These aren't hard, fast rules but I think you get my meaning.
@upabittoolate Who's pretending? & if U ask me it really shouldn't if U think about it.
aeeesd (8 years ago)
Ben is pushing it man. The first time made a crack at cenk it was funny but he keeps doing it over and over
blacklite911 (8 years ago)
@Introspective91 he's not even random, he's apart of the show dumbass
fat, but not ugly..not pretty at all, but not ugly. ld love to spank Ana really good. Till I leave red "hand" marks on all over her ass. She looks like she's into kinky things.
Moo ItsACow (8 years ago)
Bens a douche and should get what he has coming at him.
BurnRoddy (8 years ago)
They look like people LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. He also look like a-man because he look like a-man.I'm telling you.HE-lOOk-like a-man. I also find the guy hideously fat and the lady cute and with an awefully cute expression on her face. Thing is that men go more for the phisical than women so kind but average women get dumped all the time.
Venefica82 (8 years ago)
The people in that picture is not ugly, the man is completely average, and the girl have a cute face. Is she a great beauty, no, but she is cute. I agree they look like people, normal, average people.

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