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The Best Reason Not To Share Nude Photos

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Text Comments (11082)
Long John (4 hours ago)
1:15 No need to send any nudes since you’re already nude on an TV show (Crash)
Bronson Toran (1 day ago)
1:42 you've created a fetish
Tiny Ford (3 days ago)
I’ve never shared any, and yet I’m judged like the same guys who actually do. How unfair is that
Tsenaye Namushinga (3 days ago)
The girl with the brown 'fro sounds like Scarlett Johansson
Eidorb Gaming (5 days ago)
I fucking hate when people share your nudes and just destroy your life and they feel happy
aditya pradana (8 days ago)
Matilda Muller (9 days ago)
I've yet to meet any girl who honestly enjoys sending nudes
Kobey Furze (9 days ago)
Yeah but we got porn tho, sooooo...
Ashutosh Pandey (10 days ago)
Why F=ma was written on board
The Graduates (10 days ago)
I'll never get why guys think sending a dick pic will get a girl to want you. Who ever thinks "yeah... She'll love this!"
PoTato Clan (11 days ago)
I love my uncles nudes
CLT Proudictions (13 days ago)
Why would you want to send nudes anyway? You know how dumb and stupid we are?
godSHROUD 1 (13 days ago)
Madison Green (13 days ago)
Unsolicited nudes
Lurking Lion (14 days ago)
Oh come on
omar khan ahmad (15 days ago)
im 30 years old. and i have alot of those. but what i like more is that no one knows that i do or how to reach them. oh and btw, i don't know why you even take nudes from people you barely knew.
AdianCraft (16 days ago)
Instead of that we will send NUKES!!!!!!!!
SA Tahaa (16 days ago)
that is just fucked up
John Walczak (16 days ago)
If you wouldn't want your nudes on the internet then why would you want your bank statements on the internet?
Pvt Cunningham (16 days ago)
If you slow the video down to .25 you can see her naked.
IG: Jevismynigga (17 days ago)
Just stop being a thot 💀
Pulse Gaming (17 days ago)
Swear to god lads stop sharing or else my life won’t be worth living😂
SimpleGuys (17 days ago)
2:14 Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Suraj Yadav (18 days ago)
Don't think they'll ever stop
yamilet Rosales reyes (21 days ago)
If someone ask for nudes to me i will take a photo of the middle finger and send it to the guy
Prasad Jadhav (22 days ago)
Some countries went from 1990 to straight 2074 :(
Ishaan Parikh (23 days ago)
Bobs and vagene
Alexander Jansen (23 days ago)
I don't get why nudes have to be secret or private. I've been naked on regional television without any harm done to me… I don't mind sending nudes, as long as it's not sexting. If you prefer sending clothed selfies, that's ok; but I don't think putting on clothes just for a picture is worth the effort. I also think it's kinda insane to count pictures of naked people as porn.
Mark Elia Vinokur (24 days ago)
I Looped around (24 days ago)
If your nudes get leaked then sorry but you got yourself into the situation why would you even send nudes in the first place
GAMESY 2000 (24 days ago)
I love how she popped out of her vigana
PotatoMasta (24 days ago)
the funny thing about this is that at 1:55 if the head was a black chick on a white womans body this video would be bombarded with hate comments and dislikes.
Hua Xiong (25 days ago)
I got nudes but out of respect EX girl or girlfriend i never share them ever. I just wank off to them instead.
kpop nonstop (25 days ago)
Too late I sent to many all ready.
Pamplemousse (25 days ago)
Don’t show your face in the nudes is that easy.
Ilovecats 88 (26 days ago)
I just prefer to not send nudes, it's a garuntee that they aren't leaking and real life is the best way to go😜
Ass Hole Shitman (26 days ago)
just do it the indian way SHOW BOBS AND VAGENE
Star Blech (26 days ago)
Well played...but joke's on you I dont get any nudes Ha!...wait -_-  o_0
Mark Kay (26 days ago)
Her hair is dry when she steps out of the shower
Alicia Fuller (27 days ago)
Hey what's up Just got out of the shower Send me a pic ;) *Sends pic of shower*
Zyipitoe (27 days ago)
Show bobs and vagena
Eric Von Manstien (27 days ago)
The Camera man got lucky
MR LCS (27 days ago)
She actually naked
Francis Bradley (28 days ago)
U know boys send nudes to
X Terminator X (28 days ago)
Well... That’s an L Bois
Spazz (28 days ago)
1:39 damn that is alot pubes
Fat Lazy Prick (28 days ago)
Brug (28 days ago)
Ladies in the video, I don't need your nude photos, because you are so beatiful, that I just want to look into your beatiful eyes and hear your magical laugh
Tryfo (29 days ago)
Send bobs and Vagana
Alex Raphael (29 days ago)
this is so random
YAM AHA (29 days ago)
well that nude good
Don Chan Gamer (30 days ago)
This emoji 👯‍♀️ is the stripper emoji
Antonín Řihák (30 days ago)
do not stop sending nudes !!!!!!!!
Chad Adaza (30 days ago)
Send compilations of fortnite dances irl instead
The2ndThird (30 days ago)
But hey if you stop sending nudes We guys will stop sending memes jk
Mako (30 days ago)
Donald Trump send nudes!! He probably thinking of Muslims sending nukes??😐😐
FlamingPotato 352 (1 month ago)
That’s why you take their phone and look at their nudes from their phone
Adarsh ray (1 month ago)
2014 - send nude, 2018 - send meme.
Rêveur (1 month ago)
Thanks female NPC for telling me what to do in my life. :)
Dnc _ (1 month ago)
Best reason I don't share nudes: I'm a frog
LastLoneWolf FTW (1 month ago)
no no no no shhhhhhh
IThinkIHereNow (1 month ago)
SeNd MInEcOiNs
Ridwan Aziz (1 month ago)
No nudes in 2018 🙃🙃
wtf is this for feminazi thing
wtf is this for feminazi thing
Arthur Mel (1 month ago)
Women don’t share dick pics :)
arsam kiani (1 month ago)
No one would her nudes anyway
Dark Side (1 month ago)
That was a creative video
Mad Hatter (1 month ago)
This also happens to men too. Just saying... equality😆
Justin Justin (1 month ago)
But why would Anyone share your nudes
Use Snapchat you fucks
TOPG (1 month ago)
*My wife left me so nudes are impossible*
Silas Tram Lux (1 month ago)
this is a joke vid i realised it was a joke when she talkt about keeping secrets
Jon Snow (1 month ago)
Caleb Wilson (1 month ago)
I don't think that people send nudes cause nobody cares
Mike Constantino (1 month ago)
I disagree lolololol JK I don't share my crap
Ethan Turner (1 month ago)
Waiiitttt........ she can use her phone when she’s out of the shower and it’s all steamy and wet?!?!?!
the beatex (1 month ago)
Joe Mortimer (1 month ago)
Girls share nudes as well 🤦‍♂️
Landen Schmidt (1 month ago)
Maybe you both should send them
Robby Appolon (1 month ago)
They ain gon stop 😂 I promise y’all it ain gon stop 💀
star lake (1 month ago)
Ugh i hate when people share nudes or "expose" someone it's not cool Like one time in my 6th period a guy was showing all the other boys in our class nudes pics of a girl like wtf he must thought he was hot shit or something for receiving them to the point where he had to brag not saying just guys do it because some girls do too but it's usually guys let's me honest
Dr Bleach (1 month ago)
Hacker be like bitch I see through your camera
the patriot (1 month ago)
No, as an Indian I demand bobs & vegana 😎
Superdoo987 (1 month ago)
as long as there are thots in this world there will be nudes
Uganda Knuckles (1 month ago)
Don't send nudes just send memes or maybe dead memes
Hippietrogdor (1 month ago)
Cause no guys send nudes lol
Dr Bleach (1 month ago)
No guys do send nudes but are proud of it after it was shared ∞ amount of times
LiLY (1 month ago)
fckn love this video.
cristian dragusin (1 month ago)
Donut Dog (1 month ago)
What about dick pics?
ViolinLeViola (1 month ago)
I’ll be dead before that world with no nude photos exists, noobs
KGD (1 month ago)
This video is so dumb. Don’t send nudes , period.
Chris Miller (1 month ago)
Lol, no woman will EVER stop sending nudes. EVER. “Daddy Issues” are awesome!
Antor (1 month ago)
I’m 14....... it’s illegal ;~;
Hieperactiefgaming ! (1 month ago)
Nonono I will do everything not the selfies
colin - (1 month ago)
Sed nudz plz
Mark Kovalenko (1 month ago)
There will always be people willing to send nudes. I’m not worried
Everything Kayla (1 month ago)
Wow it’s almost as if they think it doesn’t happen vise versa
Insert name here (1 month ago)
Send bob and Vagene pics
cowgirl boots (1 month ago)
Send b00bs and vagene

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