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BeautifulPeople.com: Who's Rated Least Attractive?

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Text Comments (322)
linda maxie (1 month ago)
I like it lol
ted Clauss (2 months ago)
Check out homeless black woman living in Trump tower free for the last nine years on u tube. Thanks young turds for being so boring.😂😂😂😂
Jacinda Peters (8 months ago)
I would probably get voted ugly. However I wouldn't go on that site.
Sash13 (1 year ago)
lovey hernandez (1 year ago)
I told my dad about this site and he immediately went on the website and a couple days later he got accepted on the site
Angelkidd (2 years ago)
I knew I would be too ugly for this (even though i wasnt planning on joining) cuz i am from the UK
Emily Gibson (3 years ago)
I made an account just to see if I'd get one once! Hahaha.
is this hot or not extreme version is this an actual website??? :p
Samuel115s (3 years ago)
you don't have to be that beautiful to get on to the site. i'm on the site and i saw quite a bit of usual looking people on there that are just a little above average plus the older members ain't that attractive to me. 
Vdaddy (4 years ago)
People don't realize that it's not hard to be physically attractive. If you're fat, lose weight. If your face is not attractive, wear makeup. A new haircut and brand new clothes can change a person entirely. 
Sarissa Vaughn (1 month ago)
Some people are beyond repair. I know makeup can work for women but it can only help so much.
Jay C. (4 years ago)
Chris Ashcroft (4 years ago)
I've dated beautiful women and average women. Upsides and downsides to both. Personality and intelligence trumps looks the majority of times. More so if you are looking for something long term. Of course I want Sandra Bullock...the best of both worlds!
Buzz (4 years ago)
I am a member of it because it's much easier to find really attractive women in your area.
Buzz (3 years ago)
+hurryupnow1thanks :) well it is superficial in that sense, that you're discriminated in terms of your looks. But past that point, it's just like any other dating site. And its Hard to contact anyone without paying. That's almost everything you need to know about it :)
Samuel115s (3 years ago)
i'm on the site and i find it pretty useless. you have to pay just to message people, how ridiculous. plus since i'm gay there is hardly anyone on there to chose from. i'm sticking to plenty of fish and grindr. i just applied to see if i would make it on to the site, thats it. 
Soniya (4 years ago)
you're cute but do u feel the site is superficial?
C Ali (4 years ago)
I just found out about this website when I was looking for dating sites to chat with people. I found BeautifulPeople.com and decided to make an account. I had no idea what their intentions were. I just thought it was a regular site for people. After upon making an account I saw a countdown for 48 hours and had no idea what it was for till I read the description. Apparently, you have to get a number of likes to stay on the site. Just minutes after being on the dating site, majority of the "Beautiful" users voted me as absolutely not (Which means you're really ugly). I've been told by people that I was good-looking, so to see people vote you as absolutely ugly seems shallow and makes you feel rejected. When I looked at the girl members on BP.com, majority of the girls were your typical blonde, brunette girl with revealing clothes and tons of makeup. I saw about three black girls and the rest of the people are white. So if you're a black girl, do not go on the site because they will vote you as ugly unless you dress slutty. You have no chance on the site. Once I realized how shady the website was I deleted my account before even the 48 hours were up. I do not want to be apart of a dating site that discriminates people based on looks. It's sad and pathetic. I would've guessed that if you're sooo beautiful and successful, why would you be on a dating site? It is just not for me. I don't want to be apart of a website filled with shallow, arrogant users. Just no. o_O
Ka Mi (10 months ago)
Same happened to me. It has nothing to do with your skin. I made the mistake not to wear a ton of makeup and wear revealing clothes.
Angel Gray (1 year ago)
Haha I made an account just to see if I could get in. It worked. But let me just tell you that you didn't miss out on anything. I deleted my account after a day bc I was so afraid I'd meet someone I knew. That would've been so embarrassing bc the site totally sucks. Btw, I think you are really cute
Get Banged (4 years ago)
they voted you out because of your skin color. It's very racist against black people for whatever reason...
Get Banged (4 years ago)
the website is racist against black womens!
Malvo McVeigh (27 days ago)
Plenty of black women are on the site. I was voted in. I'm a member.
Get Banged (3 years ago)
+Samuel115s I'm not sure since I'm straight, but using common sense I would say that they are racist against black men as well. Fuck today's society man lol. I've seen smoking hot black women on that site. I would probably say that I have even seen some 9/10 black girls that somehow can't make that website. It's a bunch of bullshit..
Samuel115s (3 years ago)
How about black men?
Kristian Dunlop (5 years ago)
I'm English and I agree
Sinduja Namb (5 years ago)
Shit. I've just turned out to be incredibly jealous towards my neighbor. He's been single for a long time. By some cheat, he has got a model to deeply love him in weeks. How is that achievable? He said to me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone wonderful said that to me... I've never witnessed him so happy. Kind of makes me frustrated.
kisal abeythunga (5 years ago)
Life sucks. My good friend has begun going out with a ten as 2 months ago he joined a website named Master Attraction (Google it if you want to know more.) I'm so green with envy since I would like to just fall in love as well. Why is it so hard? I'm going to look into this Jake Ayres guy's information and figure out if it can help someone like me. Strange point is, he previously had Zero results with females. How can you change so fast? His girl's a banging model...
Life sucks. My buddy has started going out with a ten as 2 months ago he registered to a website named Master Attraction (Google it if you desire to know more.) I'm so jealous because I wish to fall in love too. How come it's so difficult? I'm gonna take a look at this Jake Ayres man's stuff. Surprising point is, my friend used to have Zero luck with girls. How do you transform that quickly? His lady's a fucking model...
Alex (5 years ago)
also:there are good looking girls on the site that are 18. why don't they just go out there, to gigs, parties or whatever? and I am sure they will meet someone 'beautiful'. no, instead, they pay money for this site because they just want the...BEST of the best. :D and when they realise that there are not only men that they like, so men that arren't 'beautiful' they post things like: BP is getting uglier. Not shallow, just patheitc.those people think they are the measure of all things.
chavyprince (5 years ago)
personally i not heard of this website so i decided too get bit more info regarding it on youtube after doing so i can honestly say i aint even gonna bother checking out the site it doesnt really take my intrest now
tutturus (5 years ago)
I joined to find work.
Dwayne Newman (5 years ago)
The concept of the site is smart for those of you "can" get in and not spend time on other sites finding people who you are not attracted to. The site is also insulting for those who cannot get in, who out there actually has an ego that is ok with knowing you are "not" attractive. However, the judging is actually being done by people that are plenty attractive, and it is not how the average person probably thinks, or how they would rate someone.
Bill Hamilton (5 years ago)
You need to get a new male presenter. His demeanor personality and language is beyond offensive.
vcuramstrack (5 years ago)
I got into the site just to see what it was about...but the whole concept is very shallow I have to say.
Allen Arcelo (5 years ago)
Common Ana nip slip! 4:00 Nip SLIP! TIT SLIP! ANA SLIP!
Rajesh Sundriyal (5 years ago)
the two top comments are smart and playful
Xavier Murphy (6 years ago)
Yea the website, but most good looking people are nice.
Jon Palsmar Rosengreen (6 years ago)
Funny thing is... this guy is probably way more judgmental than the people he accuses of being just that :)
Simba89 (6 years ago)
Sara Boyer (6 years ago)
uh yeah I was
Simba89 (6 years ago)
Sara Boyer (6 years ago)
lol shes average at best
Sara Boyer (6 years ago)
I got in easy pesy
Sara Boyer (6 years ago)
I was rated 98% in
Maria Martinez (6 years ago)
Beautiful people are harsh and mean.
YKB (6 years ago)
Beautifulpeople,com = "Lookism" Just Put It In White pride peoples only...... lol
chupacapre (6 years ago)
So am I
Simba89 (6 years ago)
The rating system is just not accurate. I signed up just because I was curious, first time I uploaded a photo of me, I was rated 70% OUT, 30% IN then I uploaded the same exact profile again, and was voted 80% for IN and 20% OUT. the people who rate your picture also changes. Maybe the first time the rater were all women who were much older than me, or just don't like mediterranean look, and the second time it was the opposite
DZ252 (6 years ago)
lol building would shake
Catheliah (6 years ago)
It pretty much just works like a pageant. I got into the site and it's not all that cracked up to be. It gives others a sense of pride and boosts self-esteem though. I joined because I like pageants but online dating...let's just say there's always an abnormal amount of creepy people in that section as always.
Commander Dova (6 years ago)
Only in the planet earth
idonthavefootprints (6 years ago)
@BDRioga Its nothing like that at all. You can't possibly tell me you are attracted to people equally regardless of physical appearance. If you do, you're either asexual or a filthy stinking liar. Some people are more attractive than others. It's that simple.
777Lloyd777 (7 years ago)
They mispelled the word "profile" on their terms and conditions page, it goes to show you the kind of "intellect" you'll expect to find on this joke of a website.
AyanaLinval (7 years ago)
Lol I joined that site, got in with a pretty picture, then changed it to me making the nastiest face, then went into the voting place once I was a member and voted to only let the low rated people in and vote down the douche bags posing in front of their mirrors with their shirts off. It was hilarious, btw so many of those members have photoshopped pics, it's hilarious. Most of the pics are of butterfaces to, it's like, oh look fake boobs. lol the site is dumb, get in to troll it, it's fun.
Brian Cardova (7 years ago)
It's so true about all the ugly people on other dating sites though. You spend so much time searching for the attractive ones.
SkellingtonKing1 (7 years ago)
@smoker1989x I think you just answered your own question.
Mahmood Hussain (7 years ago)
Although I like the premise, that sites completely broken. I mean how the hell did I get rejected? At least half of the members I saw on there are way uglier than me!
likeastarbaby (7 years ago)
ahh i'm ashamed to admit this, but i did join the site. i'm not interested in the slightest in dating attractive people, i'm not that shallow! i did it because i was interested to see if i would be allowed to join, and what people thought of me purely looks-wise (okay, that is slightly shallow). and i have to say, i did get a little sense of pride when i got in and people said good things about me, or rated me highly. i wouldnt take it too seriously to be honest.
Eastwood Unforgiven (7 years ago)
The hostess on here is hot!
Maximiliano Alignani (7 years ago)
well im not ugly, but im not brad pitt either...
vladisimo93 (7 years ago)
@batmanpronz that's true dude I've passed in maybe some of this people are frustrated because they didn't pass
teicix (7 years ago)
I would probably pass for uglypeople
Aily Veen (7 years ago)
i try the website out but did not get in i reseach why n realize the ppl who get in show a lot more skin in photo
JN S (7 years ago)
@jre25 Maybe its not about go out date and "fuck"...
Jeremy Elvins (7 years ago)
this website should not exist. if you that hot you could go out any where in the world and date fuck any one you want
QuartyDawn (7 years ago)
you know whats funny the creator is British and looks like he is drunk with droopy eyes
Cypriotkiller (7 years ago)
Are you guys Turkish?
killerchipmunkattack (7 years ago)
@Jackroyd6 as a totally non-bias foreignor, iv been to UK and US and british are overall better looking, definitely. slimmer and better skin overall
Jeremy Jenner (7 years ago)
That British thing is absolutely rubbish, some of the sexiest people are from Britain- and I haven't even gotten past the accent yet xD
Ian Hamilton (7 years ago)
i seen ugly people on that site. they only got on because they are not fat
Kittywhiskers1000 (7 years ago)
@Kittywhiskers1000 Oh, I was accepted on beautifulpeople. I honestly didn't expect this.
Kittywhiskers1000 (7 years ago)
I signed up out of pure curiosity...I doubt I'll get in....and I'm British XD
Morphine (7 years ago)
I can tell you why people are on this site. It's not because they like to judge others, but because they're curious if they get in. I know it, I got in. And that was the only time I ever was on this website.
Nobody (7 years ago)
I got the response today. I now know if I made it in or not.
Nobody (7 years ago)
I signed up yesterday; I wonder if I'll make the cut? lol :)
Jeremy Jenner (7 years ago)
@paintedbishop I'll buy the plane tickets xD
lcshusband (7 years ago)
why is the co host man so creepy? He would never be let on that site.
R OZ (8 years ago)
@maidwithluv you'll never get in lol you'll never catch the flight! lolol planes trans
Kraemer22 (8 years ago)
I feel bad for being tempted to create a profile
AngelaCheerOfGaia (8 years ago)
I made a profile for this e.e I wonder is there going to kick me out cause I'm ugly >.>
A BH (8 years ago)
I'm from the UK and tbh its sort of true :S (sobs in the corner*)
Sam Leal (8 years ago)
hooray, I GOT ACCEPTED INTO ugly people.com BITCHES!!!!
shitmasterdragon (8 years ago)
asta donde llega la estupidez y racismo nortemericano
Charles Martz (8 years ago)
Hhahahaha many liars here many ppl wish be part of this website and they just can´t haha
midgety1 (8 years ago)
Lol someone is a little self conscious ..lol and he talks about how shallow we are for using the site and then keeps saying how he would have sex with the girls what a prick. The site really isn't t as bad as he makes it out to be.. They don't choose who goes on or even define what beauty is they actually say if you think beauty is on the inside read the profile or message before rating it. further more there are intelligent people with depth on the site. and its not some super models only thing
TheSexyTurnip (8 years ago)
signed up.. got 9 out of 10 ..deleted account..it was too shallow for me
Zoran Pavlovic (8 years ago)
i singed in, and i have 8/10.. BOOYAH
Andrew Lee (8 years ago)
wow.. there both hideous ahahahahahahah
William Schofield (8 years ago)
maybe if i send them a picture of my asshole, they'll let me in?
SabreKitteh (8 years ago)
I doubt Ana would get on, she doesn't look plastic enough. I wonder if those idiots on that site would accept my second life avatar? Could probably fool them with enough picture editing.
FireStormBaller (8 years ago)
@snowkid9117 She's attractive, if you're talking about Ana.
FireStormBaller (8 years ago)
Why is it that the guy speaks, it's all loud, and when the girl speak, it's all low? I have to keep adjusting my volume.
snowkid9117 (8 years ago)
wtf she is not hot
Andrew Mathew (8 years ago)
"you guys should do it" -the guy clearly already did n didnt make it ha
Southwesttwo (8 years ago)
@AllPro777 Eww. I wouldn't touch that bitch if you paid me.
AllPro777 (8 years ago)
@Southwesttwo I'd bang Michelle Malkin until the cows come home. The things I could do her lips... you guys gotta expand! ;-)
whoozer (8 years ago)
That site a joke. My best feature (physically) is my face. Yet I didn't get accepted many times. But when I tried again, this time with my torso revealed... all of a sudden I'm easily accepted. So basically, not just 'looks', apparently they focus more on the body then other things. It's ridiculous. I saw guys on there who were less attractive, but had their torso revealed. Lol. So like lol? I would prefer it if they focused more on personality as well. So nothing to be jealous of.
creedman4400 (8 years ago)
@leiraleira11 agreed
Thats what i was trying to say just like british people dont have bad teeth.
tranxendentalist (8 years ago)
personally, i think i'm okay to look at, but if i were to join that site, i know i'd get a "hell no." it's so messed up.
British people dont have bad teeth its just a steriotype like americans are fat and stupid, im not saying its true.
Southwesttwo (9 years ago)
She isn't that ugly, but you know what I mean. I wouldn't touch her with a 15 foot poll. Plus I can't stand her.
clemssss (9 years ago)
Southwesttwo: Michelle Malkin is actually not that ugly. I wouldn't say smoking hot, but she's not that ugly. Maybe i'm not that picky, but i wouldn't say she's ugly.
cilvagold (9 years ago)
haha.. Ana will win, she's smokin hot
Jamal Voroval (9 years ago)
XXsmswacXX (9 years ago)
Let me guess, you're part of the site.
balllliiiiinnnn (9 years ago)
Anna Kasparin should be on the site god DAAAAAAAMMN she's hot
jblackapple (9 years ago)
people from the UK? WTF what about KEELEY HAZELL IMOGEN GRAY PETA TODD NIKALA STOTT BRITTANY BRATT oh wait shes aussie
Southwesttwo (9 years ago)
It has nothing to do with teeth. That's an old untrue stereotype.
Southwesttwo (9 years ago)
Michelle Malking is fucking ugly. How the hell can you say that bitch is attractive?

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