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Oracle Data Guard Configuration Step by Step in Oracle 11g R2 part-1

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In this video i'm going to demonstrate you Step by Step guide to build data guard in Oracle 11g. PART-2 USE BELOW LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UsKglLEvtc PART-3 USE BELOW LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zocLykOFH-U PART-4 USE BELOW LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Gf2UVXD3RY PART-5 USE BELOW LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qkz8gj64PYo PART-6 USE BELOW LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62GrNn8e06Q
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Text Comments (24)
dsbs 551551 (4 days ago)
Hi where is part 2 video
dsbs 551551 (4 days ago)
+OCP Technology ok
OCP Technology (4 days ago)
www.ocptechnology.com try it url
dsbs 551551 (4 days ago)
Website not opening
OCP Technology (4 days ago)
Please visit my website for further information
Pratik Saha (10 months ago)
We can use the Duplicate command only for Database Cloning using RMAN. It will be simple
rigid beak (1 year ago)
hi sripal can i have your email or contact no. please. [email protected]
OCP Technology (1 year ago)
rigid beak you can email me on [email protected]
Yash S (1 year ago)
Brother.. very good hands-on video for data-guard beginner
OCP Technology (1 year ago)
Yash S thank you bro
Muhammad Ali (1 year ago)
your site is not open bro ...............
OCP Technology (1 year ago)
Muhammad Ali bro please visit again now
tayyab shahzad (1 year ago)
Super Easy Process. Nice Work Bro.. :)
tayyab shahzad (1 year ago)
i need to ask you . why u didnt set the FAL Server and FAL client ?
OCP Technology (1 year ago)
tayyab shahzad thanks
Oracle World (1 year ago)
Grt video dear
SeraphimRoad (2 years ago)
When will you reveal the ED-209?
waqas butt (2 years ago)
the red hat your are using is paid version or trail version pls tell i have to make videos
ashok vikas (2 years ago)
Videos are good, it would be better with explanation on what is happening internally..
Nitin singh (2 years ago)
Hahaha you said you are running classes... What you teach how to copy paste... See the next step copy paste :) :)
Hareesh Dasar (2 years ago)
Hi..is the above video complete?? video description is "Part 1". Can you please Upload "Part 2".
OCP Technology (2 years ago)
Dear Hareesh Dasar, i already uploaded complete tutorial of oracle Dataguard please watch complete tutorial or follow below link. http://ocptechnology.com/free-training-videos/dataguard-videos/
Avishek Chatterjee (2 years ago)
This video is really helpful. But the problem is, in windows I haven't found any replacement of /ect/oratab file where I can put my std:/u01/app/oracle/product/ entry. And for this my setup stuck in that situation and cannot move forward.
secomech (2 years ago)
Thank you my friend! can you explain the method whit RMAN duplicate? Greetings!

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