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Data Guard Concepts With Live Demo From DBA TECHNOLOGIES By Prasad Mynumpati

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Data Guard Concepts With Demo From DBA TECHNOLOGIES. http://oracledbatech.com
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Mukul sharma (6 days ago)
Very nice explanation although i am new comer thanks for knowledge sharing
Mahesh Kumar (12 days ago)
Before putting the database into max protection or availablity is it necessary to change the parameter from sync and affirm
saurabh tandon (3 months ago)
Thanks so much, sir for the easily understood tutorial.
Anandkumar Angaiyan (4 months ago)
Awesome sir
I really impressed the way of your presenting with live demo... I clarified all my doubts with your explanation.. Great Thanks , BTW I have a small query on this ... In database backup let us simpana backup can we schedules the simpana backups for for both primary and standby at a time ? if not why ? Thanks & Regards, Siva, Singapore
Satish Kumar (6 months ago)
You rock
Umesh Dhote (6 months ago)
Sir, this video is best video for DataGuard, please share more videos about DataGuard
Syed Aveez (7 months ago)
it was a really nice demo and explanation ...
awesome. Great demo!
renzyt09 (7 months ago)
Well explained. Helped to understand the D G Concepts. Thanks Prasad M :-)
Firoze korrapati (7 months ago)
what an explanation ....................................... really superb.
Mallik Babu (8 months ago)
Prasad sir, you explanation is superb... Looking for more videos from you. All my doubts till the date regarding data guard get cleared after watching your videos. Really hatsup...
Llo Li (8 months ago)
So great presentation, as newer, I think it's easy to understand the concept with your fantastic examples. thanks a lot!
Mohomad Shaikh (9 months ago)
Respectfully....Great presentation.... I never ever seen like this presentation of data guard... I was very confused about protection mode and availability mode but after seeing this video i am totally cleared.
JOSE VIZCAINO (11 months ago)
nice explanation! thanks a lot
Lal krishna (11 months ago)
Great work sir.... Appreciated your mode of explanation
Jose Samuel (11 months ago)
Super explanation for Protection Modes. Thanks for this explanation
Sudheendra H (1 year ago)
Nice explanation
Vinod Korada (1 year ago)
It was a nice explanation...it is very very easy to understand.. who are getting confuse in data guard concept they will easily get clarified after seeing this video....If you don't mind i have small doubt..when switching from one protection mode to another protection we need to change log_archive_dest_2 parameter values.. i hope..but i didn't find in it.. can you please clarify it why it was not happens ?..whenever i change protection mode one to another they are not giving any exception as like in this video. if you don't mind can you please clarify also on this ?....i hope i will get positive response. Thanks in advance....
Thanks for your comments. Parameter file will have appropriate parameters to handle the switch. One thing before switch to Max protection just put it in Max Availability then protection.
satish v (1 year ago)
Very good explanation.thanks
Balu Vutukuri (1 year ago)
Thank u...
James Steevens (1 year ago)
Hi Prasad, it was a great video and very good explanation!!!
Vijay Balaji (1 year ago)
awesome explanation sir
Rajat Sharma (1 year ago)
its really helpful thanks alot...
Shivukumar Kinagi (1 year ago)
sir, Thanks you so much you session helped be a lot and cleared by doubts. thank you again...
Pranay Vatsal (1 year ago)
Wonderful explanation Prasad garu. Thank you! Helped a lot.
zaheer abbas (1 year ago)
nice session....
Rajat Sharma (1 year ago)
really helpful thanks...
Amit Midha (1 year ago)
Really amazing explanation no doubt in that. This clear the basic concepts of oracle data guard as well and beautifully explained the switching of protection modes with examples.
Mohan Naidu (1 year ago)
Sir, Its very good presentation. You are genius . Thank you for sharing.
Mohit Shrivastava (1 year ago)
Its commendable,very well explained all the scenarios.
Shihab Abdulrahman (1 year ago)
Nice explanation
Arindam Chakraborty (1 year ago)
Wonderful .. I became your fan Prasad . Thanks a lot for this amazing session.
Glad to hear that you liked it. Thank You Arindam Chakraborty.
joni jaf (1 year ago)
Dear You are best one in 11g data guard but video presentation is not according to audience understanding every time confuse to identified primary and physical , but starting presentation well organized thanks
joni jaf (1 year ago)
Dear Thank for prompt reply i will repeat , your video is informative Thanks and will wait your more videos
joni jaf Green one is standby and blue one is primary for your understanding.
rigid beak (1 year ago)
Kindly share the steps of configuring DG in 11gr2 in PDF please.
jini Oracle (1 year ago)
very good video. i am very clear now on the different modes. pls keep posted with similar videos in future. thanks a lot.
Sure, Thanks for your comments.
Tirumal Rao N (1 year ago)
Excellent explanation and very well presented with examples Sir.
Vinay Kumar (1 year ago)
Very informative.. Much appreciated.
Tahir Husain (1 year ago)
Thanxx Prasad Sir your presentation and explanation of Datagurad is very awesome,very much clear about dataguard now.
I am glad to hear.
Prashanth Kannan (2 years ago)
Simple and very Neat explanation. Thank you, sir. I need to know how to configure Physical standby database. Do you have demo video session for this.. It would be very helpful.
Dayashankar Sharma (2 years ago)
nice video, cleared all doubt.
Really glad to hear that .....
Stefan Ioja (2 years ago)
I am looking to learn what is Data Guard and this video helped me a lot. Thank you
Ayoob manker (2 years ago)
Sir, I was always confused an mix-up with Primary DB & standby data guard after seeing your video an explanation using Green & Blue method, very easy to understand your logic. absolutely your are Great. Thank you very much, an Appreciate
shailesh kanade (2 years ago)
Hi pradsd not getting your video on ASM part 2 in youtube currently i am working in oracle window envirnonment. can i use windows command in oracle installed in linux
Outstanding and very easy to understand the concept with your fantastic examples.... You are Mr. perfect Sir...
Arun Kurungat (2 years ago)
Hi Prasad Sir, excellent presentation...In very easy way you could convey the concepts..Thanks a lot...As i didnt see the GG course in your online website Please let me know if you have GG presentation OR are you offering GG online training...
Rajkumar V (2 years ago)
Awesome presentation. I am pretty new to Data Guard and was asked by management to more about it for recovery options. This presentation helped me a lot. Thank you sir.
+Rajkumar V Thanks for your comment and I am glad that it helped you.
Nikhil Mistry (2 years ago)
Prasad, suppose if we create DG1 and DG2 per your comment in this article, is it possible to have DG1 in max availability and DG2 as max protection mode? seems impossible since in primary database we decide the protection mode but I would like to get your expert opinion. thanks for such an informative article on youtube. -Nikhil
Neeraj Vasudeva (2 years ago)
Between Max. performance mode & Max. availability , if you had to choose which one would you choose assuming you have to configure only 1 standby database ?
Neeraj Vasudeva (2 years ago)
Max availability.
Hemant Thakur (3 years ago)
Thanks Prasad for this Video !
Debasish Bishnu (3 years ago)
Hi Prasad, I am quite impressed on your presentations available in You Tube, specially on RAC. I like to know may I buy the full set of video of Oracle RAC training? Thanks Debasish Bishnu +919830717131
+Debasish Bishnu Currently videos are not available.
Sanjeev Kumar (3 years ago)
Hello sir your video on dataguard is really awesome, sir can you provide a video on configuring dataguard.
Vimlendu Kumar (3 years ago)
Hi Prasad,I would like to thank you for such a great and fantastic demo and also looking forword for next/latest tutorial.Thanks once again Regards Vimlendu Kumar
Sibsankar Mitra (3 years ago)
Hello Pradasd, thanks for this demo, its really very helpful. i have one question , if i have to suggest some one to implement the active datagaurd, then which protection mode will be better as if no data loss required.
+Sibsankar Mitra Active data guard and protection mode is two different things, would work independently. In other words can be in any mode for active dataguard. If you are looking at no data loss one should go with Max Protection.
Manish Singh (3 years ago)
Your presentations are succinct and very easy to understand. Thank you.
karthee garre (3 years ago)
very nice seminar with Demo.
Manish Aggarwal (3 years ago)
Hi Prasad Mynumpati / DBA Technologies:- -->First i would like to thank you for sharing such a fantastic demo. -->Secondly i have a very small question that why did you create 2 redo logfile groups 10 and 11 in the standby site during the max availability demo? Do we always need to create like 2 additional groups when we need to change protection mode from max performance to max availability, or what was the reason? -->Thirdly, i would like to know that as you made the standby ready for switching from max performance to max availability , and just before you entered the command "alter database set standby database to maximize availability;" , you did a shutdown of the standby database in the green window, may you want to explain me once, as to why it was shutdown before and if it wasn't shutdown before , then what could have happened? Kindly advice?
+Manish Aggarwal GoldenGate is not started yet, it would be soon. Yes you can setup VM on your machine that we can help you with. you can reach us [email protected] or you can call us on 9849998237.
+Manish Aggarwal I am glad that you liked it. Yes we need to have standby redo log files for Max Protection and Max Availability protection modes as redo content must be available on standby redolog files. Third one we would be discussing in detail during the session.
Manish Aggarwal (3 years ago)
+Prasad Mynumpati / DBA Technologies , Hi, I really liked your videos. I would like to know do you also undertake training for data guard and golden gate? where can i email you, or contact you? I am also interested to make a setup at my personal laptop through VM machines , so may be you can help me and quote me the price/fee plz.
+Manish Aggarwal I am glad that you liked it. Stand by redo is required form Max Availability and Max Performance. Two redo log groups are minimum (Basic Architecture of DB). It is not additional. We have three types of log files. 1. Online Redo 2. Offline Redo (Arch) 3. Standby Redo. Since we have configured Standby and we wanted to change default protection mode we have make Standby Redo ready for standby database. The reason I shutdown the standby before I can change the protection mode on production is because the way standby is going to recover different from Max performance(uses Arch) to Max Availability (uses standby redo). What is new in Max Availability, the recovery from standby redo, that is why you are able to see the changes that happened on production showed up on standby with out log switch. Hopes this helps !!!! Prasad Mynumpati.
Saurabh Joshi (3 years ago)
Pretty informative. I m new to data guard. Thanks.
Rajendra Kumar (3 years ago)
Sir, thank you ,very good video for dataguard rajendra
Don Bulaong (3 years ago)
This is a great video! Thanks for sharing
shahnawaz alam (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot for explaining about the dataguard with live demo. This has helped me a lot to understand the features of it.
Sabyasachi Prasad (4 years ago)
if u tell something about sunc/affirm and sync/no affirm concept,it wil better.
Sabyasachi Prasad (4 years ago)
nice and useful stuff.............
Tony Nicholls (4 years ago)
Excellent demonstration - thank you!
Sohail Riaz (4 years ago)
It was wonderful presentation. May be I missed it. In case of Max Performance Mode if Standby Database goes down. What happens to production in Primary Database. Does it stop working or it continues to work?
Good question sohail.  In case of Max Performance production will continue to function while standby is experiencing trouble. This is because Max Performance only works based on archive logs.  Only in case of Max protection only production will effect in case any trouble reaching standby.  Hope this helps in clearing your question.
Pramod Hiratkar (4 years ago)
Best...really helpful...
Sandeep Vankhare (4 years ago)
Very good explanation of Data Guard 
Hai dba24, you can contact on 91+9441172718 for training details.
+prabhakar kantamaneni Yes we do.  For more details you can visit us on www.dbatechnologies.net or you can reach us on the number mentioned.
prabhakar kantamaneni (4 years ago)
Prasad Garu Do u provide online training
dba24 (4 years ago)
Hi Prasad, do you provide lab work and online lab to practice the concepts learned in the session?
Pavan Kumar (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot...
Giridharan Ks (4 years ago)
Hi Prasad, Very good lecture on Dataguard.. thanks
chandrababunaiduap (4 years ago)
Can you please explain what is the diff between below 1) Alter database recover managed standby database disconnect   Vs  Alter database recover managed standby database disconnect using current logfile? 2) on standby database when opening database in mount stage      Alter database mount standby  Vs  Alter database mount?
1) Alter database recover managed standby database disconnect   Vs  Alter database recover managed standby database disconnect using current logfile? A. First option: is for Max Performance as only archive log files are involved and disconnect is the new feature to implement active dataguard.  Second one is required to implement max protection and to see the changes on standby with out log switch of prod. 2) on standby database when opening database in mount stage      Alter database mount standby  Vs  Alter database mount? Alter database mount standby - To mount database as standby db Alter database mount? - For current control file databases
chandrababunaiduap (4 years ago)
very nice
Rajesh Nema (4 years ago)
Awesome Demo. Thank you very much Prasad.
Surya Prakash Malluru (4 years ago)
Awsome demo
Hi Pushpa Prakash,  Check are the archivelogs are copied from source to standby location properly as a step 1.  If not check the netservices (tns and listener are configured properly).  Once you start seeing archivelogs copy is going good then rest of it is on standby to apply the same to standby server.  For troubleshooting issues please check archivelog which explains the problem that it is going through.  Hope this helps.
pushpa prakash (4 years ago)
Thank You Dinesh.
Hai Munesh, Thanks for your comments.
Sriram Prasad (5 years ago)
really good lecture 
Thanks Sriram Prasad.  I am glad that you liked it.

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