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SAP Business One Purchasing Demo.mp4

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Purchasing Management with SAP® Business One: Manage purchase orders, goods receipts, items, and vendors, and integrate your warehouse and accounting in SAP Business One™. Purchasing management is a core functionality of SAP Business One that enables you to use its integrated capabilities to manage your entire procurement process from purchase order creation to vendor invoice payment. Create purchase orders in easy-to-understand screens and use the stored data as a basis for subsequent goods receipts. Follow-on vendor invoice documents can be created simply by referencing purchase orders or goods receipts and thereby transferring relevant data. Return unsatisfactory shipments to your vendor using the goods return function, and post credit memos upon receipt. The document trail in SAP Business One captures and links every document created during a purchasing process. Contact Aether Consulting for more information on the purchasing software capabilities of SAP Business One.
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Text Comments (11)
Tommaso Panetti (1 year ago)
Thank you, very useful!
Patrick S (1 year ago)
can you do monthly end closing please
MAHMOUD HICHAM (5 years ago)
Thanks it's helpful
Random Videos (5 years ago)
Albert Vince Mendiola (5 years ago)
you can make the text bigger by changing the video setting to 720px and watching it by full screen
MultiLenso (6 years ago)
how to add an order into purchase order with item description name , not item number. what is the idea behind sap to make item number default to find and add product to order ?
LO CM (6 years ago)
It´s excellent, very helpful. Thanks!
great but it needs a bit magnification as it is so difficult to keep your eyes on it for long time
sandpikd2213 (6 years ago)
This is great,i'm about to start a new job and i will be required to work on SAP,it's totally new to me and I found this very informative and helpful. could you please tell me how do i send the PO electronically to the vender,which icon did you click on?
Thanks, Alex. My eyes aren't what they used to be either so I had to expand the video to full screen to view the text enough to see it. Although you've probably already tried that? I'll pass along the note to Richard, the director of the video for note on future recordings.
Alex Millar (7 years ago)
Very helpful... thanks. Only suggestion: make the text bigger. It's hard to read

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