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How I Do My Hair

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-odC7op3Y8 [ Also watch this video ] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slxN2GAm3Wk [My second hair video ^] Question answered: Q: What are the songs? A: Look at the Credits at the end of the video. Q: Where are you from? A: I'm from Vietnam, Even though it might look like I'm korean or japanese. Q: What color is your hair? A: It's browdn-red-ish :D Q: What do you tell your hair dresser? A: Save the sides, shorten the frig back and top. Dont cut it to short on the end. Q: Can you do my hair? A: NOOOOOOOOO :D
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Text Comments (3619)
Sourojoy Kundu (2 hours ago)
Are you boy or girl
Anas Nasrullah (3 days ago)
oka kurnia (6 days ago)
Alamin Fj R (6 days ago)
Final Fantasy look Like 😍
泳药王者 (7 days ago)
Damn lion king
Dogs# in uk (7 days ago)
Don't you mine would you try kakashi style#hair
Tasang Samchung (8 days ago)
Yayu Ayuningtyas (11 days ago)
sasukeeee kun 😍
cat (13 days ago)
2009-2010 where people wanted this type of hairstyle lol
bo yahh (15 days ago)
It looks good when your skinny, imagine if your fat and having hair like that, you look like sack of potatoes with a wig on.
Puja Sabharwal (16 days ago)
Japanese guys are awesome
Marc Sebiow (17 days ago)
Mael The Sun (17 days ago)
I envy those beautiful hairs
OchO! (17 days ago)
Top 10 Anime Hairstyles
king kong (21 days ago)
..sasuke wont b able to do this now cause he lost one of his arm thats y his hair now is just a bit long
Sez Dj (21 days ago)
aldous lafuente (21 days ago)
N0 LiFE (22 days ago)
Man this came to my recommendation
Mayo Pie (22 days ago)
Looks like Jaden Yuki
Cyroj Gravoso (23 days ago)
Be honest.. I dont like it
Newaj ShariF (24 days ago)
This little man got very nice hair
rajesh vengat (25 days ago)
It is a TRap
Joydip Roy (25 days ago)
We dont do our hair we style our hair hahahah nuub shit
Damn I remember watching this long time ago. This video is so old . But I still love watching it
????? (27 days ago)
Cutie hahahahaha
Frost XD (29 days ago)
nice intro!! my fav song darker than black!! :3
Sajid Khan (29 days ago)
باران باران (29 days ago)
جووووووووووون بکنمت
Perfect Smoker (29 days ago)
You look like girl😂😂👌
Piss Off Google (1 month ago)
Sasuke 😍 This hairstyle is so sexy omg
tytytnya zharborneo (1 month ago)
sasuke it's you?
vijay dhote (1 month ago)
Which hair style man
Forever Alone (1 month ago)
JohnyPAPA2001 John (1 month ago)
Wow goku
Edward Rigael (1 month ago)
Uchiha Jimin (1 month ago)
I have Sasuke hair too owo
Vinsmoke Sanji (1 month ago)
How it looks now ؟
Yusni Twie (1 month ago)
Sasuke in real life🤣
norliza azhar (1 month ago)
Burok bhai
Furious ZX (1 month ago)
Sasuke's every day routine 🤣🤣
00 1 (1 month ago)
I am Nepalese I have same hair
Myko Olay (1 month ago)
Looks like an anime boy student hairstyle
Pritam Kumar Deb (1 month ago)
Looks like he is homo
tay quiñones (1 month ago)
Me gusta tu cabello es hermoso con tu
Jiyadur Rahman (1 month ago)
Ossom look
Girl (1 month ago)
There are asian man better than you <3
Milku xx (1 month ago)
YouTube why did you recommend me a video that was made *nine* years ago?
Hassan Baig (1 month ago)
But the things is you still ugly
selçuk züvere (1 month ago)
japon kardeşim acil şifahaneye gitmen lazım
selçuk züvere (1 month ago)
videonun sonundada skill bitch demedimi :)
selçuk züvere (1 month ago)
amk yim tam sikmelik olmuş
thejerinch # (1 month ago)
Han Hyo Joo (1 month ago)
Koreans have best hairstyle
Ł.W Ïdjaÿa (1 month ago)
Sasuke every morning be like....
Venish Korat (1 month ago)
Pure girl
MIA S. Jimin (1 month ago)
Soy la unica q habla español :v soy leyenda
Gengar X (1 month ago)
First When many people Said he looked like L i thought they meant that he looked like a loser so i got TRIGGERED but Then some peps mentioned L from death note which made me a lil bit less TRIGGERED
best musically (1 month ago)
I want this type hair
senpai (1 month ago)
Đệch, đọc phụ đề mới bít ng Vn
senpai (1 month ago)
Bài việt nam!
Mohd Mustafa (1 month ago)
Nice emo hairstyles....i want to...how to create this???
Ritik Singh (1 month ago)
Ya madness
Richard777 (1 month ago)
The Weebs r happy😍😂
Excali BirB (1 month ago)
This is so gay
Shinobi_Kidd 2017 (1 month ago)
Did u cut your sideburn? Or keep it at a certain length...? To get that sharp edges at the side
Commander Xananymous (1 month ago)
I don’t know why but yours is like someone wakes up from bed after sleep..I rather have anime style
ANTONI BUANA PUTRA (1 month ago)
Apakah babang tamvan juga melakukan ini pada masa kejayaan nya dulu...??🤔🤔🤔
LoczekToJa (2 months ago)
babciu to jest zajebiste!
遊佐こずえ (2 months ago)
How many decade you make you hair long like that? XD
遊佐こずえ (2 months ago)
I give you $20 to make you bald 😄 *Nice Hair* Love it 😆😘
pro-fes-yonel channel (2 months ago)
f14k your hair
Georgino Estevez (2 months ago)
you're lucky because your hair is already straight not like mine -____-
aniMe64 (2 months ago)
skills biatch 😂
AAA KIR (2 months ago)
Vc nhạc việt
How do you deal with wind? Its very windy in my country. Ruins my hair everytim i cri.
DeusWitch (2 months ago)
keko tipli oç
unknown person (2 months ago)
U look like sasuke for some reason
Sangram Mallick (2 months ago)
U totally looks lyk L
victor bueno (2 months ago)
Vinay kumar yadav (2 months ago)
That's how to become a girl in about 6 minutes !!!! #[email protected]**
Reynaldi Lensun (2 months ago)
Kangen ayodance lagu beginian
hardlight MASTER (2 months ago)
Dragon 🐲. Ball ⚽
Á đù thằng này lấy nhạc của việt nam
Dracko :v (2 months ago)
Mi nepe esta confundido ¶:v
Bang Apit (2 months ago)
2018 🙋🏻
Kazu -san (2 months ago)
I want your hair TnT
Baraa Makkawy (2 months ago)
I love this new final fantasy
Ely G (2 months ago)
I thought it's Nickhun of 2pm
Skye Morningstar (2 months ago)
this video is so cliché for 2009
New Pakistani (2 months ago)
Wow Muslim bro !
Nesh_360 (2 months ago)
What are you Sasuke fan??🤣
Aditya tiwari (2 months ago)
Why this was in my suggestion in 2018??
RUS- -SIDI (2 months ago)
Pixpy Pix (2 months ago)
I don't wanna behave like girls😸
Ak- SquadS (2 months ago)
Final fantasy style
Pixpy Pix (2 months ago)
And I am suffering from hair fall, Lol😭
Pixpy Pix (2 months ago)
+RADREXx x tnx
RADREXx x (2 months ago)
Apply Aloe Vera gel on ur head
Kakashi Hatake (2 months ago)
Sasuke.. At last I got your hair style secret 😁but still mine is the best
MattiVideo Angry (2 months ago)

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