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Today we learned about hot rocks used for massage! FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter; https://twitter.com/jennicalaceey Insta; https://www.instagram.com/jennicalaceey/ IF YOU SEE THIS, COMMENT "YASS MARISA!"
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Michael Shahan (1 month ago)
Totally clickbaited
DONOVONO A (1 year ago)
3:15 shout out to brave boy going in girls bathroom #respect
DONOVONO A (1 year ago)
Cool vlog but the people were expecting you to show your boobs and ass for all the pervs on youtube but you didnt and thats clickbait #breaking the rules im just saying if your a fan of hers im sorry im just a reporter
_eliseaxo (1 year ago)
I start PM in Modesto soon and I looked up the school on YouTube and you popped up lol . I love watching your videos ✨
Shuck MiyBhalls (1 year ago)
_eliseaxo (1 year ago)
I don't have twitter lol , ill be sure to make one. I have instagram sorry .
Jennica Lacey (1 year ago)
_eliseaxo follow me on twitter ; jennicalacey and ill dm you!
_eliseaxo (1 year ago)
Really ? ! I was interested into the esti program but my passion is initially with cosmo . How was your overall experience going through PMTS ?
Jennica Lacey (1 year ago)
_eliseaxo i just graduated from Day time esti!
Melissa Clawson (2 years ago)
stop doing clickbait!!!

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