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Miss A Suzy ~LOVE~

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I need a girl by Taeyang
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Ariyanda Galah (1 year ago)
really miss them do like that
Suzy and Jiyeon (2 years ago)
lesly4962 (4 years ago)
Suzy ♥
alshari Hashim (5 years ago)
missA suzy is so beautiful and adorable
suzy honggi (5 years ago)
suzy....my love....
1soomuchA (5 years ago)
Where was she at 2:22 - 2:24? Can anyone tell me please... :)
pamela ramirez (5 years ago)
logosfabula (5 years ago)
Thank you <3 :)
logosfabula (5 years ago)
Can you tell me which show is from 0:00 to 0:40?
beng moreno (5 years ago)
nice group ever!
Irina Dimitrova (6 years ago)
Nice video :)
alyna bae (6 years ago)
<3 their songs and also their friendship<3 suzyy
Ayano Tuber (6 years ago)
Ayano Tuber (6 years ago)
suzy suzy suzy suzy suzy suzy
Ayano Tuber (6 years ago)
always pretty
Ayano Tuber (6 years ago)
so pretty
BAESUZYFAN (6 years ago)
is there a video from 0:44-0:52?
SayA Lizzy (6 years ago)

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